Nākd Chocolovers Mixed Case

After everything I've been through the past month, I've decided that now will be the best time to lose weight. I don't mind exercising and even eating healthy lunches and dinners are fine with me. The one thing that is my downfall is chocolate. I could eat chocolate till it is coming out of my ears, I just love it. Some when it comes to snacking I don't usually go for cereal bars because I like yummy chocolatey goodness. 

So when I was asked to review some bars from Natural Balanced Foods, straight away I went for the Nākd Chocolovers Mixed Case of cereal bars. The mixed case contains 18 bars in it, six of each flavour and is priced at £14.99. The three flavours are Cocoa Orange, Cocoa Delight and Cocoa Mint.

Nākd bars are a great way to eat nutritious and healthy food but still getting that great satisfying taste. The bars are made from natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts with no added sugars or hidden extras. 

Nākd Cocoa Delight
The Nākd Cocoa Delight is the perfect choice if you want a melt-in-the-mouth, yummy yet healthy bar. It tastes like a very rich cocoa with cashew nuts. You also get essences of raisins and dates but the chocolate flavour is the most in the forefront. I was surprised to learnt that this bar is only 135 calories as with it being so chocolatey, I assumed it would be very calorific. 

Nākd Cocoa Orange
The Nākd Cocoa Orange bar has a refreshingly orangey flavour and is one of the best sellers. It is very sweet and the orange flavouring does stand out loads but also I get the dates coming through a lot on these bars too. Although I do love the fact that they are all natural and have such a great taste to say they don't contain much, I do find these a little too strong for my taste but my husband, Simon, loves them so it worked out quite well. 

Nākd Cocoa Mint
Like the other bars, the Nākd Cocoa Mint bars contain minimal ingredients with a yummy natural mint flavour. I love this flavour, it is very refreshing and zingy which is complimented by the cocoa. This is my favourite bar as you can hardly taste the dates or raisins so to me, it's like a yummy snack rather than part of my diet.

Natural Balanced Foods say "We always use as few ingredients as possible in our bars, and we prefer not to bake them, so that all the moisture stays locked in."

Not only are the bars incredibly healthy and full of goodness but they are also gluten fee, wheat free, dairy free and have no added sugar. They are also vegan & vegetarian friendly and one of your 5 a day!

So what are you waiting for? Get Nākd today!

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


  1. Anonymous14:18

    They sound tasty! I really want to try the mint ones!

  2. These are addictive!

  3. I just bought a box of these for my Dad - he is addicted now!

  4. Now my mum is addicted - I blame you lol!