Munchkin Bath Toys

Both Thomas and Charlie love being in the bath. Usually it takes me ages to get them to get out once they're in and that's thanks to Munchkins bath toys.

We were lucky to be sent 3 items from the Munchkin bath range. They were:

Shampoo Rinser
The one part of getting a bath my boys hate is getting there hair washed. Thanks to Munchkin that's no longer a problem. You see, the Munchkin jug is flexible which means that when usually the water will run out all over the boys faces, now the jug flexes into the forehead and the water just rinses off the back of the head.
It's large, easy grip handle means that us, the parents, have more control whilst rinsing hair and the fact that is has a very large water capacity means that fewer rinses are needed.

Turtle Shower
I love this toy because not only is it fun for the boys but it also teaches them how to shower. Many times I have had Charlie screaming when I've had to shower him down but now that he's using this as a toy and thinks it is funny, he has kind of got used to the shower doing the same thing. 
The turtle sticks to the bath (or tiles) with 2 suckers and then there is a tube coming from the base with a fish attached. It is this fish that sucks up the water from the bath which then comes out of the adjustable head of the turtle. It really is a great toy and both boys enjoy it splashing them and even lay under it to rinse their hair off.
The shower button was very easy to press, even Charlie could do it and it was great to see both boys enjoying water splashing onto them.

Wonder Waterway
This is a pack of three toys which can either be connected together to make one big toy or left separate. The star has beads inside it and water drips from its base, the penguin has a spiral slide and the fish has a spinning wheel, when connected together the water allows all of the insides to work at the same time. Charlie especially loves these.

Each of the characters had their own bright and bold colours which stood out lovely and joined together made them even more fun. 

You can buy the bath range in Asda, Tesco, Boots and many more store including online too.
Check out the Munchkin website here or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


  1. I don't have children but these toys are so brilliant! Especially the shower one, what a fantastic way to introduce showering! xx

  2. these all look absolutely fantastic, i dont think my daughter would wanna get out of the bath lol xx

  3. Love these toy , must look out for then quality bath toys are so hard to get x

  4. My lewis would love these although hes 5 he would love the turtle shower he would spend all day in the bath. The wee ones still at the stage where he screams as soon as you put him in x

  5. Ahhh Thank you for the review! My kids love bath toys - lots of splashig but at least they enjoy a bath!

  6. Anonymous10:19

    love these toys must get some for my grand daughter's next visit :) Linda Sallie Guest