Mornflake Porridge and Granola

Having a variety of different cereals in our household is needed. The kids get bored and wanting a change all the time so different flavours and textures help keep them interested in their food.

Mornflake have some truly scrumptious cereals and porridges in their range. From berry oat flakes and nutty muesli to chocolaty squares and Golden Syrup Oats 2 Go. Mornflake have been milling oats in the South Cheshire countryside since 1675, making them the longest established miller of oats and cereal in the UK. After 15 generations, they are still managed by descendants of the original miller, William Lea and still work with Mother Nature to make sure they are protecting the environment and also the oats that aren't suitable for humans consumption provides food for animals.

We were sent 4 different cereals and porridges to try out and this is what we thought about them.

Their Golden Syrup Porridge is fantastic to give the boys a filling breakfast full of goodness which also has a yummy sweet taste too. For young children, porridge can be a little plain and sugar would need to be added to give it sweetness. Now that isn't need as Oats 2 go now come with a Golden Syrup flavour in their sachets.

The best part is that with Mornflake porridges there is no messing about having to measure everything out. The sachet is a pre-measured amount suitable for a good sized breakfast and when you rip the top off the sachet, you can then pour milk into the wrapper to the fill line and then add that to the porridge. So everything is set out for you, no mess, no fuss. I cooked the porridge in the microwave for 2 minutes giving it a little stir half way through.

For grown ups, there is the Superfast Oats. Mornflake Superfast Oats are bursting with pure, natural wholegrain goodness, the perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle. Each oat is cut into three before being rolled meaning the oatflakes absorb the milk quicker making them cook superfast, perfect for a smooth & creamy porridge.

Each portion of the Superfast Oats was just perfect and kept my husband, Simon and I, full till lunchtime and even beyond that sometimes.

I loved the Nuts & Seeds Oatbran Granola. Made from hazelnuts, almonds and honey it is yummy and so satisfying to taste although for my taste buds it can be a little too sweet to have everyday. It is packed in a resealable pouch so you can keep your cereal fresher for longer.

Last up is the Very Berry Oatbran Muesli which has strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, apricots and dates mixed with oatbran to give a nice fruity kick to your morning. I found this muesli really refreshing to wake up to and it really did help me to wake up happy. Like the Nuts and Seeds Oatbran Granola, this muesli is packed in a resealable pouch so you can keep your cereal fresher for longer.

The Mornflake range is available to buy from Sainsbury's, Ocado and Tesco as well as at some independent store and online. 

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  1. something me and my kids would love to try :) x

  2. Jen Russon19:45

    I love the sound of the muesli, I'm on a diet and I'm addicted to it! I will be deffo trying this one, as I have tried many brands, but theres never much fruit in them! Were always on the lookout for different cereals in this house, I will be trying Mornflake next!

  3. I enjoy Mornflake as well. There are other flavors available in my local supermarket, including some Caribbean and Tropical blends. Those contain lots of fruit such as pineapple and banana.

    One of them, I can't remember whether it's the Caribbean blend or the Tropical blend, has in bits of coconut as well. It's really delicious. I don't like having the cereal hot. I prefer to eat it cold with milk. I don't cook it at all. Really nutritious and filling. Certainly more filling than regular corn flake style cereals.

  4. I love this - have it almost all year round as we don't seem to get a Summer lol!

  5. These sound really nice, I'm looking for something different for breakfast rather than the same old cereal

  6. I always have loads of oats in the cupboard, especially Mornflake! The kids love porridge on colder morning and they love using the oats to make Flap Jack too!

  7. Mmmmm breakfast ...... my favourite time of the day! This sounds yummy!