Help For Sleep Deprivation

Since for as long as I can remember, I have been a bad sleeper. Never have I been able to get my full 8 hours of nightly sleep even before having the children and now they are in the equation my sleep has gone out of the window. 

I have problems with over thinking things, letting stress rule me and this is what is affecting my sleep. At night, I could be tired when downstairs, drifting off on the sofa but as soon as I get upstairs in bed, my mind seems to wake up and everything starts running through my head.

In my case, my sleeplessness is caused by my inability to turn off my thoughts, but for other people, it may be due to a sleeping disorder. About 16 million adults in the United Kingdom grapple with sleeping problems while around 70 million Americans have sleeping disorders. 

It helps to know more about sleeping disorders, like sleep apnea, to know whether you need intervention. Some children as young as infants can suffer from sleep apnea. If you're a parent with a child who has trouble sleeping and who snores regularly and loudly, read this guide for parents of children with sleep apnea to know how to help your kid. This may also be helpful in understanding your sleeping problems too.

After trying all sorts of different products to help combat my sleeplessness problems such as eye masks to block the sun, ear plugs to hinder noises and even hot water bottles to keep me heated, I've found that none worked to get my mind at a peaceful state whereby I can drift off naturally. Even the GP has prescribed me sleeping tablets (in the past before having children) and these didn't seem to help me.
According to Silentnight:

'The Silentnight Sleep Study found that despite being fully aware of how important a good night's sleep is, a massive three quarters (75 per cent) are not getting your recommended eight hours - and this is impacting on your work, health and relationships.'

With 31% admitting that lack of sleep impacts their ability to concentrate, 25% say reaction times are slowed, 17% say the quality of work suffers and they make careless mistakes and 35% admit tiredness makes us forgetful, these are all not great figures for someone, like me, who drives their children around a lot. Now we all know not to drive whilst tired but to know that lack of sleep affects all these things, I'm now doubting whether I should be driving.

The study also showed that 23% of people turn to technology such as social media sites when they cannot sleep. I am guilty of this. nearly every night you will find me on Facebook and Twitter posting random rubbish because I cannot sleep. I actually remember, just after having Charlie, the stresses of a new baby meant that I would take my laptop to bed every night and spent hours writing till I fell asleep. 

Apparently, a new bed can help you get some extra zzz's,  with 71% of people saying that in a new bed they will drift off within 10 minutes of getting into bed and 74% of people saying they feel rested and ready to go on a morning. I probably do agree with this. We have a Silentnight bed, Silentnight are a mattress retailer and have stockists all over the North-East, and when we first got it, I remember sleeping straight away. The comfort of a new bed just relaxing me so much that my stresses seemed to fade away. This is great, although I can't afford to go buy a new bed every month so I can get this feeling.

Maybe it’s not just the bed; the room’s overall mood can make it conducive to peaceful, fulfilling sleep. Think of re-creating your favoured spots for relaxation, like the beach. Step into a coastal-inspired room with pillows, rugs, accents, and decor that remind you of a seaside holiday. In putting the elements together, don’t forget colour, temperature, lighting, and scent.  

So now I'm trying something different. I need to make sure that I am getting enough sleep to have all the energy possible for our busy days so that I'm not tired and irritable. The Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Room spray has a warm, floral scent which is supposed to relax the body and settle the mind.

Now, I'm not saying this is a miracle cure for my lack of sleep, but, I have found that it does help me relax and de-stress. Not really in a knocking me out kind of way but it's kind of like when you put new bedding on and get that fresh feeling when you first get into bed. The scents of wildflowers and orchard fruits are very much reminiscent of a beautiful summers day and smell so fresh that I get into bed and feel almost immediately relaxed.  

Like I said though, It's not some great miraculous cure for me. The stresses of life are the most common problem for me and even though I find myself thinking of random things that have no bearing on me, these are the things that make me struggle to sleep. The spray did help me into relaxing at bedtime but didn't help me drift off to sleep. 

I don't know. I give up. How can I get a good nights sleep when my brain just wont switch off?


  1. I put a little Rose Oil on my pillow and find that helps.

  2. Try a little Yoga, it relaxes the body and the mind xx

  3. I drink cocoa made with milk and read before bed

  4. Night Nurse is great for when you are desperate!

  5. I'll take all this advise on board, thanks all

  6. read a book or play candy crush they tend to help me sleep :)

  7. Counting sheep works for me - strange as it may sound!! @lorrainesaeed

  8. I'll take all this advise on board! I need to sleep more!

  9. I'm the same as you. Even in my younger years when I was very fit and before computers, I only had about 5 or 6 hours sleep. I've tried everything, but I think my body is just used to it now....

  10. Very good post, thanks. I switch my phone off before I get into bed and leave it in another room to avoid temptation!

  11. I have a fan the drone soon puts me to sleep