Dreaming of Captain Redbeard

This post has been written in conjunction with bed makers Warren Evans for National Share a Story Month. This is our bedtime story. 

Dreaming of Captain Redbeard
Thomas had a great imagination, always day dreaming about pirates and the skulduggery they get up to. He explained to his mum that one day he would be just like his friend, Captain Redbeard and would go on lots of adventures, saving princesses and collecting huge amounts of treasure. 

“Maybe Thomas, but for now you need your sleep. Even pirates can’t save the world if they’re tired” Mum explained. So Thomas jumped into bed and got his head down for a restful night ahead. 

Low and behold, Thomas even dreamt about pirates. Thud, thud, thud! Out in the garden someone was banging around. “Who could that be?” thought Thomas. 

"Five steps from the swing and eight steps from the slide," growled Captain Redbeard in Thomas's dream one night. "Thar be our treasure! Argh." 

So the next day when Thomas woke up he couldn't wait to get out into the garden to find his treasure. Following exactly where Captain Redbeard had said, five steps from the swing and eight steps from the slide, and there it was. No X marking the spot but Thomas knew he was in the right place. Thomas began to dig. He dug and dug and dug until the hole was deep and the mud was piled high.

Thomas kept digging. The hole got deeper and the mud pile got higher. 

He dug until the hole was extremely deep and the mud pile was as high as it could ever be. 

He sighed. "I'm just too tired and I can't dig any more." Throwing down his spade in a huff. Then he noticed something in the ground... 

Oh, it was only one of Sam’s dog toys. “After all that digging all I have now is a silly dog toy and a big hole to fill back in with mud” groaned Thomas. 

He shouted "Captain Redbeard lied to me, there is no treasure here" 

But when Thomas' mum came out, she was impressed. “Well done Thomas, that’s the exact spot where we are putting the pond. Thank you for digging the hole for me” 

“But wait” she exclaimed!… “What is that stuck to Sam’s dog toy?” 

Thomas looked down with a grin on his face when he noticed it was a £5 note. 

“Well you can keep that for being a good boy and digging the hole for me” said mum. 

Captain Redbeard was right, there was treasure in the garden. I can't wait to see him again tonight to see what else we can find!

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  1. great little story :)

  2. Anonymous15:29

    Fab story! Lots of fun too and I really imagined Thomas digging away :D
    Love the pictures too! x

  3. Fantastically imaginative story. Love the pictures and the little twist to the story at the end. Great to read another bedtime story for Warren Evans, thought I was the only one doing it, we wrote 'Goodnight little chick' and Bug got crafty with some paint http://www.whererootsandwingsentwine.com/2013/05/a-short-bedtime-story-goodnight-little.html

  4. Great story! I cried!

  5. Annie Costa20:38

    Awww what a lovely story :)