Baker Days Letterbox Cake

If someone offers to let you review cake, there isn't many times I would turn it down and so when Baker Days offered us a cake for Thomas' birthday, we jumped on them and screamed yes at the tops of our voices. 

Baker Days make a range of cakes including a 'LetterBox Cake' which is small enough to fit through the letterbox and so perfect for busy parents who want a personalised cake for their child but don't have time to wait in for it. 

Their website is easy to use. After choosing an occasion, you pick the cake design and size. You are then given the opportunity to personalise the cake with names, messages or photos. Sponge cake is the standard cake within the price, but for a little extra you can choose carrot, fruit, double chocolate chip and even a gluten & wheat free cake instead. 

After the initial contact from Baker Days, I emailed them with what Thomas likes and they sent us a copy of what the cake would look like, a cute dinosaur and the words 'Thomas is 4, Have a Snappy Birthday' scrawled across it, I knew Thomas would love it and couldn't wait for him to see it and give it a try. 

I was sceptical at whether a cake could be thrown  put through the letterbox without being damaged but was pleased to see that it came in a tin which fit the cake in it perfectly, stopping it from being damaged. Also in the package was some a couple of balloons, candles and a cute little pack of sweets which I thought is a very thoughtful extra in the package. 

On the website it says that this cake should get between 3-4 servings yet we got 5 good sized slices out of it, one each and an extra sneaky slice for Thomas, and could have possibly got 6 at a squeeze. 

I must admit that I was dreading tasting the cake. I thought to myself that a cake which has been stuck in the post will probably not be that great but no, it was lovely. A very nice moist sponge cake which all of us enjoyed thoroughly. 

Thomas loved the fact that it was made just for him and had his name on it and I think that this is a fantastic product. Great as a present for loved ones who live far away maybe or just as a surprise treat for young ones. 

Prices of the cake start at £14.99 including delivery.
You can find Baker Days on Facebook and Twitter.

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


  1. I just love Bakerdays after trying them around valentines day!
    looks like Thomas really loved his the design is great!

  2. Oh will need to have a look! What a fab idea! Cake looks scrummy xx

  3. Thanks for your comments, the cake was scrummy x

  4. These cakes look a fab idea,I'll take a look at their website as i've got some birthday's coming up :)

  5. What a fab idea! Cake looks amazing

  6. Anonymous15:20

    I love the little party extras (balloons, sweets etc) that they add to the box! Will have to check this company out I think!


  7. Looks excellent.

  8. jen russon00:16

    wow this is fab! I never would of known a company would even post a cake!

  9. I've heard of these, they sound like a fab idea!