We've been ill!

Now some of you may have noticed that we haven't been round for a while now. It isn't because I didn't want to blog but actually because all four of us had been struck down by a virus which made us all quite ill indeed. 

Thomas came home from nursery on Friday 22nd March saying that he was tired and wanted to sleep. I straight away knew there was something wrong as he's usually very playful after nursery. After a quick word with his teacher, she let us know that he had been very quiet and complaining of tiredness and not feeling well. 

As the afternoon progresses, he seemed to liven up a bit and so we though that maybe it was passing but boy were we wrong. Fast forward to Saturday morning and we all woke up feeling it. Sickness, dizziness, headaches, coughing, you name it, we had it. All of us were just laid on the sofas too ill to eat, too ill to do anything apart from sleep and so that's what we did. For the whole week. Non of us went out of the house in that week as we didn't want to pass it on and the dizzy spells were making it hard too.

Now though we are eventually feeling better. The horrible feeling of not being able to eat has now passed and I think we are all making up for it as we've hardly stopped eating the past few days.

It turns out that it was some virus that seems to be going round a lot at the moment and there was nothing really we could do apart from to ride it out.

I'm so glad we are all better now and hoping that we don't have to suffer with that horrible virus again.


  1. How awful glad to hear that you are all feeling better now

  2. Its terrible when they start school they bring home allsorts