14 April 2013

Tru Diamonds Quintet Eternity Ring

With our fifth wedding anniversary coming up in July, I've been telling Simon about how much I would love an eternity ring to show our commitment to each other 5 years after our gorgeous wedding day. After looking around for a bit, I realised that diamond rings really are extremely expensive and way out of our price bracket. That was when I came across Tru diamonds. 

Tru Diamonds are the worlds finest quality simulated diamonds. When judged by the characteristics used by expert gemmologists to grade diamonds, Tru-Diamonds measured up to the finest of fine grading. The only difference from diamonds is that Tru diamonds are always a perfect ice-white in colour, flawless in clarity, and are a perfectly cut every time. They are also exactly the same sizes as conventional diamonds, a 1 carat Tru Diamond is the same size as a 1 carat diamond. 

Tru Diamonds say:
"With Tru-Diamonds, you will enjoy all the status, pleasure and confidence of the very finest diamond jewellery at a small fraction of the cost. These amazing simulated diamonds look so real that no one will ever know.....unless you tell them"

Each Tru Diamond gem is cut, polished and crafted under the most stringent criteria of colour, quality, size and shape resulting in gems with the brilliance, fire and lustre usually only seen in rare, top-grade diamonds. 

After much deliberating on the Tru Diamonds website, I eventually chose the Quintet Eternity ring. This had a row of pink and white simulated diamonds (2 pink and 3 white), the total of the diamonds is 1.25 carat, so they are quite big in size. The Tru diamonds are sat on an 18ct gold clad band..

I couldn't believe my eyes, it was sat in front of me and I was sat looking down at the gorgeous ring thinking to myself, I could never afford anything like this. Oh my, it is stunning, elegant and so understated yet the pink diamonds stand out making it look cute and girly at the same time. 

After wearing it for about a week, we popped shopping and as I was paying for our shopping, the woman behind the counter grabbed my hand and started raving about how gorgeous the ring was, how much it must be worth. Had I won the lottery? Where could she get something similar? After a quick explanation about how they were in fact simulated diamonds, she took the web address of the Tru Diamonds website and was eager to go check it out. 

Me on the other hand, I couldn't believe that the ring was only priced at £129 and you can also get the Easy-Pay option of making 3 separate monthly payments of £43 each. After looking around for similar types of this ring but made with diamonds, the closest I could find was priced at £1629.00, that's a huge difference to say that I could tell no difference between them. 

The great thing about Tru Diamonds is once bought you are covered by their risk free guarantee. This has 3 parts:

1. 90 Day Money Back Trial - Enjoy your Tru-Diamond jewellery for 90 days. Show it off, and if you're not delighted, we'll refund your purchase price.
2. Lifetime Quality Guarantee - Tru-Diamond last a lifetime. We'll replace your stone without question in the event of damage or discolouration.
3. Lifetime Replacement Warranty - In the unlikely event that your gemstone comes loose from its mounting and is lost, we'll give you a replacement stone. No need to buy expensive insurance.

You can buy Tru Diamond jewellery from their website here where you can purchase rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, watches and mens jewellery.

Tru Diamond can be followed on FacebookTwitter and on Pinterest.

Note: I received this product in order to give it my full and frank honest opinion about it. All facts are take from the companies website but all opinions are my own.


  1. The ring is gorgeous, I love the colours and can't believe it only costs £129 :)

  2. I love Tru Diamonds!
    I love how non expensive they are but that they do look like they cost so much more.
    The pink on this ring is cute

  3. Ooo this is really pretty! What a lovely thing to review, they sound like a fab company.
    Thank you for sharing x

  4. This is beautiful. It's our 1st wedding anniversary on Sunday :-)

  5. Lovely review thank you! I will take a lookie!

  6. Beautiful ring. I really like it :O)

  7. the ring looks lovely ! , i wanted to buy a ring from tru diamonds but noticed that it says the ring is 18ct clad , has anyone noticed any fading ?

  8. Diamonds are very much expensive. This is the best alternative to the real diamonds. I have bought a 2 carat loose diamond for a ring, and it looks exactly like the real one.

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