Out Without the Kids

Now it's not often that we get to go out without the boys. I'm not very trusting of people and hate leaving the children so unless my mum or my oldest sister are free we don't get to go out. 

After finding out last week that we are expecting our third child, it got me thinking that Simon and I could do with a good night out. Not drinking of course but somewhere nice to spend time together. So, that got me looking into things we can do to get out of the house for a bit, just to 2 of us.

Maybe we could go for a posh meal. There are loads of posh restaurants in Leeds centre so we could choose one, get dressed up and treat ourselves. I do like nice restaurants but as I'm fussy with food, I don't like all this raw in the middle rubbish, it makes it hard choosing what to have. Give me good old fish and chips any day. Oooh, there is a nice fish and chip restaurant in town, result!

We could also go to the cinema. See a good film, eat some popcorn. Although this one causes a problem. I like comedies and psychological thrillers whereas Simon likes action and fighting films. This is the argument we have all the time. Who gets to pick the film?

Then there's going to a concert. I love music of all different types. I like the weird and wonderful, from ballads to rock, I'll listen to anything. We could book Paloma Faith tickets and go listen to some mature music. I love Paloma Faith. She has such a quirky style and you can tell that all her songs are from the heart. It would be great to get dolled up and go belt out some of her great tunes. I love concerts too. Getting to hear people singing live, all the passion, the voice, seeing peoples personalities really coming out and shining. 

Which ever we pick to do, I know we'll have a great time together, just us 2, having a laugh and bonding more as a couple should do. My mum has agreed to look after the boys when we decided on a date and time that we will be going out. I can't wait!

What do you do when you're not with your children?

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  1. Anonymous15:44

    Awww how lovely! Whatever you choose I hope you have fun!
    That pic of Paloma is lovely btw :)

  2. fish and chips all the way! lol

  3. We usually do dinner and a movie when we get a chance for a night out, occasionally, if we can agree on the music, we'll go check out a band playing in Seattle and my grandmother can keep the girl for the evening we'll make the trip. Hope you have a great date night!

    The Hot Toddies of Washington