Munchkin Feeding Range

As the boys are getting older they like to have their own things, even down to forks and spoons. It's harder for Charlie as I don't like giving him metal forks as he might hurt himself but Charlie likes to be just like Thomas so gets frustrated that he cannot use forks. So now I am glad I came across the Munchkin feeding range.

We were sent four of their products to review, they were:

Toddler Plate Deco
This plate has 3 separate sections to help healthy eating habits. I always like to give Thomas a main part to a meal and then 2 sides so this plate is perfect. it keeps the food neat on his plate and means that food isn't touching. This is good as Thomas is fussy and wont eat food if it's touching something else. It's non-slip base also means that it can't get knocked off the table when we're eating.

Toddler Bowl Deco
This bowl has been designed in a square shape to make it easier when scooping food up. It is a good sized, deep bowl, the perfect size for Charlie. The bowl comes in coordinating designs to the toddler plate too. Again, like the plate, it has a non-slip base which is extra important as Charlie's tray on his highchair can become a little slippery at times. Both the bowl and plate come in 4 different designs and colours, blue, pink, orange and green.

Toddler Fork and Spoon Set
Thomas loves being independent and having his own spoon and fork, these ones are great too as they are metal and so are easy for him to pick food up and are helping him to learn making it easier for the transition to cutlery. The handles are fat and curved to aid self feeding .

Multi Coloured Forks and Spoons
These come as a pack of 6, there are 3 spoons and 3 forks. The spoons are quite deep and so make scooping food up simple and means that they hold more on them. I found that the fork is great for Charlie as it is plastic and so he cannot harm himself with it but it also means that Charlie feels independent and grown up because he is using a fork like his big brother.

I found the fact the all the products are bright and boldly coloured, more appealing to the boys. they loved the pictures on them and liked getting to the end off their dinner just so they could see the whale. I also think that the spoons and forks having a big handles makes holding them easier, especially for younger children like Charlie. He now can hold his fork and be just like his big brother Thomas which he loves.

You can find the Munchkin feeding range in ASDA, Morrisons and various other stores too including online. 
Check out the Munchkin website here or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. my daughter is a bit young for these now but they look absolutely fantastic. something i would buy for a friends child :) x

  2. I really like these! The toddler spoon and fork set looks fab, I would definately buy for my little girl (also called Charlie!) Like the idea of a non-slip base! Like the fact the items are co-ordinating too. Great review! :-)

  3. I love the plates my son had one like that would defo buy them for tyler :)

  4. zahra heena14:58

    nice one :)

  5. great review nice bright coloured products too :)

  6. Love your reviews and love this range!

  7. I love these products and have used them for my son

  8. My Niece uses the Munchkin range for her daughter and she loves it