The Scented Jam Jar company

The Scented Jam Jar company specialises in natural, organic candles which are 'hand made with love'. All the waxes and oils used to make each candle are natural meaning no nasty chemicals getting into your system, just lovely scents filling your room. 

I love candles and usually will have one burning every night. I think the scent cleanses the room and depending on my mood, can influence how I feel. I like fruity fragrances. They not only smell nice and give my room a punch of aroma, they also are not too overpowering and give a good background aroma rather than taking over the whole room. 

I was sent 3 candles from the Scented Jam Jar Company.They were:

Pure Lavender
This was from the 8oz range and has and is priced at £5.99. Each of the 8oz candles have a burn time of 35 hours+ and come in such a cute hexagonal jar and comes lovingly tied by string with a simple name tag giving it's information. The Lavender scent was simply stunning and very relaxing indeed. I found myself using this one after a stressful day with the boys and it put me at ease straight away. 

Mixed Berry
This candle was from the Candlepot range and is priced at £8.99. The scent from this candle reminded me of juice and every time I burn it, I feel hungry (Note: I have not tried to eat the candle...yet!) It has a burn time of a massive 55 hours+ and so far after using it quite a few times, I haven't even put a dent into it.  can imagine this one lasting me a while. 

Raspberry Puree
From the Cracklewick range, this candle is priced at £7.99. It has an added extra charm of being made with a wooden wick meaning you get a crackling sound whilst they burn. At first when I lit this one, there was quite a bit of smoke, I guess the wooden wick would cause that, but after a few times of burning the candle, the smoke seemed to calm down. The scent, raspberry puree, was again gorgeous and quite strong. I'm not usually a lover of strong candles but the sweet, rich scent of this one made it bearable. 

Overall, I am immensely impressed with the quality and price of each candle and love the scents which each have their own unique presence and you can tell that love and hard work has gone into making each one. 

You can purchase these candles with more varieties of scents from the Scented Jam Jar Companies website and can follow them on Facebook here.


  1. Anonymous20:22

    Ohhh how lovely, the round one is pretty! Love the packaging.
    These sound really nice :)

  2. These sounds delightful, especially the Lavender one xx


  3. these sound fab I Love candles

  4. Ooh these look lovely, dare I say good enough to eat! Not that I would eat candles but they look and sound like they smell divine. I prefer natural candles to paraffin wax far better for the health and burn really nicely. I love the crackling sound on wood wick candles, it is like having a wee roaring fire in my flat.

  5. i have often seen these candle advertised only and wondered what they were really like thank you for the great blog :)

  6. Hayley Todd09:11

    I am a total scented candle addict, being a huge fan of the Yankee candle range, but I think I am definitely going to have a look at these, thanks for the brilliant review!

  7. Nicola Lynch07:51

    Mmm, nice for a bit of much needed relaxation!

  8. oh these would make delightful gifts! love them! <3

  9. Oh wow these look lovely and sound like they would smell great - I have problems sometimes with my scense of smell being in overdrive x