Red Nose Day 2013

Red Nose Day is now into it's 25th year and once again, the nation is gearing up to don their red noses, dolled up and raised that much needed money for all the good causes that Red Nose Day stands for. 

Red Nose Day raises money to help people in Africa and also here in the UK. 

In Africa it helps people affected by AIDs and HIV, healthcare, child workers and the poorest of the poor living in the urban slums. Your money saves thousands of people each year from dying of Malaria. 
Here in the UK, Red Nose Day supports a whole range of issues. From mental health, domestic and sexual abuse and human trafficking to helping young carers and older people too. 

There are many ways you can donate and also many ways to help with the fundraising too. The whole idea of red nose Day is to 'Do something funny for money'. Basically, act silly, dress up, bake silly Red Nose buns, sell your old bric-a-brac or if you're a dare devil like Jessie J, shave all your hair off if the name of raising money for those who need it.

Tonight, Red Nose Day is on from 7pm with many people embarrassing themselves in the hope of getting donations and raising money. The guys have created this card in honour of tonight's show. Simply print it out and mark off when/if any of these things happen.

It is only for a bit of fun but still try and see if you can spot things first and get a full line before your family and friends.

This shouldn't be actually that hard to achieve as I can imagine most of these things happening. Every year there is usually one of the soaps doing a comedy sketch, someone getting gunged, random costume changes, news readers dancing and of course One Direction will definitely be singing their new single. 

We have done a few things to help in raising money. My niece is doing a fun run so we have sponsored her £20 and Thomas has been baking Red Nose Day buns at school and selling them at the school bake sale. 

Are you doing something funny for money? 

- This is a guest post

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