NICI Wild Cats Range

NICI are a leader in the gifts market with their focus on plush and accessories and have been internationally loved for more than 25 years. NICI is now shipped to over 60 countries worldwide. They first began in Germany in 1986, as a home run stuffed animal manufacturer and are now a global producer of high quality goods.

With the use of high quality materials , creativity and eye catching designs which have captured the hearts of children worldwide. So when I found out that they wanted children to test out their products, I got in contact straight away. 

We were sent out 4 products from their Wild Cats range. 

Leopard 35cm dangling with sound

This plush leopard is not only extremely soft but also makes cute 'roaring' noises when it's tummy is pressed. You can tell just by the look and feel that the material used is of a very high standard and that every last detail has been thought of to make it suitable for young children. 
Thomas actually loves this plush leopard so much that he now takes it to bed with him and cuddles it whilst he's sleeping.

Shoulder bag small tiger plush
This is perfect for Thomas as he needs a small bag to carry his reading book to nursery and this is the perfect size. Again, the soft material and design make this is great bag for children. It has an adjustable strap so can be used by children of different ages and just adjusted to fit. The bag has a zip to stop anything from falling out and a cute little tiger on the front of it which is very appealing to younger children. 

Pencil Pouch
This is exactly how it sounds, a pouch for keeping your pencils in. We have in fact been looking for a pencil case for Thomas as he loses his stationary all the time. We wanted one big enough to hold everything but still having a pretty design on it. The pouch has 2 zipped compartments. One is a large compartment which can easily hold 20 colouring pencils and the top compartment has elasticated holders for pencils or pens which you would need to keep handy. This means you can find these straight away without having to go routing through the whole of the pouch. 

Stationary Set
Thomas loves drawing and so the set is great for him. I comprises of a ruler, pencil, rubber and sharpener. Thomas has been learning to write his name this week and so the pencil has come in handy, the rubber has also as if he made a mistake he could quickly and easily rub it out and try again. We keep the sharpener out of reach for safety but have found it comes in useful especially when having to go through all his colours and sharpen them.

I love the NICI Wild Cats range and so does Thomas. Not only has every product been made to a very high standard but they have been designed with children in mind.

The Wild Cats range can be purchased direct from the NICI website (note: prices are shown in Euro as it is a German company)

You can follow NICI on Facebook and on Twitter.


  1. Great products aren't they. We have the Jolly Sleepy products to review :)

  2. In the UK, you can buy from shops and online retailers such as Delves Wood Bears. We stock the plush toys 25cm, 35cm and 50cm sizes. plus the 80cm Lion (at present), though we can also order in the other 80cm animals and the 120cm sizes. Check out our range at http://www.delveswoodbears.co.uk/nici-wild-friends.html

  3. Anonymous16:31

    How lovely! Thomas looks cuffed with his bag.
    The teddy is super cute! :D

  4. they look fab! I have not seen these before.

  5. Nici have just released the new glow in the dark range. These are great for kids and all products are still made to Nici's high standard. Take a look at the new range at www.ivebeengoodgifts.co.uk

  6. These look fab, my youngest would love them, he is addicted to fluffy animals!

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