Lindam Safety Toddler Bed Rail

Trying to find a bed suitable for Thomas has been hard work. He fidgets so much that when he was one year old we bought him a double bed just so he didn't get close to the edge. This didn't work though as he still rolled and fell out. 

Ever since then, he's been in a toddler bed. This is smaller than a single but has an edge rail to stop him from falling out. This has worked OK until now. He's getting bigger and his fidgeting is causing him to hit the sides of the toddler bed. So it's time for a single bed, like a big boy. 

I was thinking of putting a few cushions at the side in case he fell out. That's until I heard of Lindam's Safety Toddler Bed Rail.

The Lindam Safety Toddler Bedrail helps in making the transition from a cot to a bed easier as there is no  fear of falling out in the night. It has been designed to cushion your child as they sleep as it is padded and covered with fabric. It goes on the side of the bed and guards your child from falling out and because it has a mesh fabric, it means that a child can easily sleep right next to it with no suffocation risk.

Putting the bed rail together is quite difficult. Although I do love a bit of D.I.Y. I did have to ask Simon for a bit of help here as I didn't have the strength to push in the small metal buttons which connect the pieces together. Other than that, it wasn't hard at all and was up in no time.

The secure locking mechanism means that it wont move unless you want it to and the hinged folding design makes lifting the child out of bed and changing the bedding easy peasy.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the Lindam Bedrail. It means that Thomas can now sleep in his own single bed whilst giving me the peace of mind knowing he wont fall out.

You can purchase the Lindam Bedrail from various shops including Tesco and online from Amazon with an RRP of £24.99.

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  1. I had one of these, came off of freecycle preassembled. We used it when we went on holiday so we didn't need a cot just a normal bed.


  2. Anonymous21:02

    I like the idea of this, much better than the metal ones which are chunky.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. i had one of these for lewis and gave it away wish i had kept it now for new baby thats on the way :)

  4. michelle toon13:17

    I use one of these for my girl. Really are a piece of mind x

  5. I have one and it is great!

  6. To protect your baby from falling out,toddler bed bumper pad will provide a comfortable enclosure. Whenever he rolls over or moves around the bed, it will work like a safeguard. The installation won’t be complicated and time-consuming. You just need to place the bumpers under the bed sheet of your mattress. It will ensure a comfy and soothing support and feel for your baby. He won’t get hurt by the soft yet firm bumper foam that he might get from the metal bed rails.