Fun in the Kitchen

The living room and boys bedroom are full of toys yet both Thomas and Charlie seem to like to spend their time in the kitchen as much as possible. I think they love the kitchen because it has so much going on in there. Buttons that can be pressed, boxes, cupboards and activities that can only be done in the kitchen. 

Now you'd think that baking would be the best thing for the boys to do in the kitchen but oh no! Not at all. 

Even though Thomas does love helping me bake and Charlie loves eating the results, there are many more interesting objects lying around in the kitchen which both boys seem to find more fun than baking. 

Thomas loves anything to do with cleaning and so will try anything he can get his hands on.

He gets the mop out and starts soaking the floor with me following drying the floor after him so no one slips. 

After mopping comes helping mummy do the washing. Thomas will help me load the washer, unload it when finished and then he helps putting the clothes into the tumble dryer or hanging them outside to dry. 

Charlie is obsessed with out tumble dryer as if the door is left open and the 'on' button is pressed, it let's out a 'parp' noise which he finds immensely funny indeed.

Thomas also enjoys washing up although I do have to re-wash the pots afterwards as he's not learnt the art of scrubbing yet (unfortunately!).

Hoovering is overall the most favourite of chores that the boys like doing. They actually fight over the vacuum  and eventually will share and take it in turns although not much cleaning gets done as they like to sucker it to their clothing (that is of course the most fun thing ever!) rather than actually hoovering bits up off the floor.

Give it a few month and I think I wont need to do any cleaning myself, the boys will be too busy doing it for me. I don't mind though, it'll make up for when they get to their teens and don't want to get out of bed let alone help me clean.

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  1. Both my boys love hoovering too I think its cause its so very very noisy :)

  2. my youngest loves to help with the housework whenever i hoover he wants to take over also hes the same as Thomas he loves loading the washing machine :)

  3. Luckily my two girls love helping me with the housework! My two boys prefer to help me in the garden!

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