Red Nose Day 2013

Red Nose Day is now into it's 25th year and once again, the nation is gearing up to don their red noses, dolled up and raised that much needed money for all the good causes that Red Nose Day stands for. 

Red Nose Day raises money to help people in Africa and also here in the UK. 

In Africa it helps people affected by AIDs and HIV, healthcare, child workers and the poorest of the poor living in the urban slums. Your money saves thousands of people each year from dying of Malaria. 
Here in the UK, Red Nose Day supports a whole range of issues. From mental health, domestic and sexual abuse and human trafficking to helping young carers and older people too. 

There are many ways you can donate and also many ways to help with the fundraising too. The whole idea of red nose Day is to 'Do something funny for money'. Basically, act silly, dress up, bake silly Red Nose buns, sell your old bric-a-brac or if you're a dare devil like Jessie J, shave all your hair off if the name of raising money for those who need it.

Tonight, Red Nose Day is on from 7pm with many people embarrassing themselves in the hope of getting donations and raising money. The guys have created this card in honour of tonight's show. Simply print it out and mark off when/if any of these things happen.

It is only for a bit of fun but still try and see if you can spot things first and get a full line before your family and friends.

This shouldn't be actually that hard to achieve as I can imagine most of these things happening. Every year there is usually one of the soaps doing a comedy sketch, someone getting gunged, random costume changes, news readers dancing and of course One Direction will definitely be singing their new single. 

We have done a few things to help in raising money. My niece is doing a fun run so we have sponsored her £20 and Thomas has been baking Red Nose Day buns at school and selling them at the school bake sale. 

Are you doing something funny for money? 

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Fun in the Kitchen

The living room and boys bedroom are full of toys yet both Thomas and Charlie seem to like to spend their time in the kitchen as much as possible. I think they love the kitchen because it has so much going on in there. Buttons that can be pressed, boxes, cupboards and activities that can only be done in the kitchen. 

Now you'd think that baking would be the best thing for the boys to do in the kitchen but oh no! Not at all. 

Even though Thomas does love helping me bake and Charlie loves eating the results, there are many more interesting objects lying around in the kitchen which both boys seem to find more fun than baking. 

Thomas loves anything to do with cleaning and so will try anything he can get his hands on.

He gets the mop out and starts soaking the floor with me following drying the floor after him so no one slips. 

After mopping comes helping mummy do the washing. Thomas will help me load the washer, unload it when finished and then he helps putting the clothes into the tumble dryer or hanging them outside to dry. 

Charlie is obsessed with out tumble dryer as if the door is left open and the 'on' button is pressed, it let's out a 'parp' noise which he finds immensely funny indeed.

Thomas also enjoys washing up although I do have to re-wash the pots afterwards as he's not learnt the art of scrubbing yet (unfortunately!).

Hoovering is overall the most favourite of chores that the boys like doing. They actually fight over the vacuum  and eventually will share and take it in turns although not much cleaning gets done as they like to sucker it to their clothing (that is of course the most fun thing ever!) rather than actually hoovering bits up off the floor.

Give it a few month and I think I wont need to do any cleaning myself, the boys will be too busy doing it for me. I don't mind though, it'll make up for when they get to their teens and don't want to get out of bed let alone help me clean.

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NICI Wild Cats Range

NICI are a leader in the gifts market with their focus on plush and accessories and have been internationally loved for more than 25 years. NICI is now shipped to over 60 countries worldwide. They first began in Germany in 1986, as a home run stuffed animal manufacturer and are now a global producer of high quality goods.

With the use of high quality materials , creativity and eye catching designs which have captured the hearts of children worldwide. So when I found out that they wanted children to test out their products, I got in contact straight away. 

We were sent out 4 products from their Wild Cats range. 

Leopard 35cm dangling with sound

This plush leopard is not only extremely soft but also makes cute 'roaring' noises when it's tummy is pressed. You can tell just by the look and feel that the material used is of a very high standard and that every last detail has been thought of to make it suitable for young children. 
Thomas actually loves this plush leopard so much that he now takes it to bed with him and cuddles it whilst he's sleeping.

Shoulder bag small tiger plush
This is perfect for Thomas as he needs a small bag to carry his reading book to nursery and this is the perfect size. Again, the soft material and design make this is great bag for children. It has an adjustable strap so can be used by children of different ages and just adjusted to fit. The bag has a zip to stop anything from falling out and a cute little tiger on the front of it which is very appealing to younger children. 

Pencil Pouch
This is exactly how it sounds, a pouch for keeping your pencils in. We have in fact been looking for a pencil case for Thomas as he loses his stationary all the time. We wanted one big enough to hold everything but still having a pretty design on it. The pouch has 2 zipped compartments. One is a large compartment which can easily hold 20 colouring pencils and the top compartment has elasticated holders for pencils or pens which you would need to keep handy. This means you can find these straight away without having to go routing through the whole of the pouch. 

Stationary Set
Thomas loves drawing and so the set is great for him. I comprises of a ruler, pencil, rubber and sharpener. Thomas has been learning to write his name this week and so the pencil has come in handy, the rubber has also as if he made a mistake he could quickly and easily rub it out and try again. We keep the sharpener out of reach for safety but have found it comes in useful especially when having to go through all his colours and sharpen them.

I love the NICI Wild Cats range and so does Thomas. Not only has every product been made to a very high standard but they have been designed with children in mind.

The Wild Cats range can be purchased direct from the NICI website (note: prices are shown in Euro as it is a German company)

You can follow NICI on Facebook and on Twitter.


Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day is such a special day. The day you get to treat your mum and thank her for all she has done for you over the years. I saw this poem which was just so poignant for Mothers Day.

Only One
Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky,
Hundreds of shells on the shore together,
Hundreds of birds that go singing by,
Hundreds of lambs in the sunny weather.
Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one mother the world wide over. 
    Written by George Cooper

So don't forget, you may have a busy life, your own children to look after, but don't forget about your own mum. She is in fact, the only one you will get.

Happy Mothers Day !!!


MAM Perfect Soother

I have a secret fetish of collecting dummies. We have so many different MAM styles that we have enough to last us for about 4 babies (no, I'm not having any more children before you ask). I love the different themes that MAM do and the assortment of different dummies, the style, air, night and the perfect soothers, we have them all.

Now MAM have brought out a 12 month+ Perfect soother. The Perfect soother has been designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth by having a teat which is 60% thinner than regular teats and is 3x softer too. The soother has been developed with the help of paediatric dentists and orthodontists.

MAM state that the perfect soother is:
  • Designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth
  • Developed with Orthodontists & Paediatric Dentists
  • Clinically tested by the Dental University Clinic of Vienna
  • Extra thin and super soft thanks to the unique, symmetrical Dento-Flex® teat neck

The 12 month+ soother is a little bigger to fit older babies, giving babies extra comfort and the fact that it has large ventilation holes in it means that it is good for the skin around the mouth too. This is great for Charlie as many soothers have let us down in the past and have given him red chapped marks around his lips, the perfect soother doesn't do this. 

The Perfect soother we received has a sea horse design on the front of it. 2 blue and 1 silver sea horse, an extremely cute style. 

Not only does the soother come in a handy storage pot but this also doubles up as a steriliser. Just pop the soother into the pot, add water and microwave for 3 minutes. 

Charlie loves his new dummy and I love it too knowing that it's not going to harm his teeth and gums like other dummies do. 

The MAM Perfect Soother, like all of the soothers in their vast range, is BPA free and available to purchase in 4 different designs from MAM online here.

The Perfect Soother may be a little more expensive than others with an RRP of £5.75 but it's exceptional quality means that I don't mind paying it. 

You can follow MAM on twitter and they have their own facebook page where you can talk them and their fans and take part in their regular giveaways.


The Scented Jam Jar company

The Scented Jam Jar company specialises in natural, organic candles which are 'hand made with love'. All the waxes and oils used to make each candle are natural meaning no nasty chemicals getting into your system, just lovely scents filling your room. 

I love candles and usually will have one burning every night. I think the scent cleanses the room and depending on my mood, can influence how I feel. I like fruity fragrances. They not only smell nice and give my room a punch of aroma, they also are not too overpowering and give a good background aroma rather than taking over the whole room. 

I was sent 3 candles from the Scented Jam Jar Company.They were:

Pure Lavender
This was from the 8oz range and has and is priced at £5.99. Each of the 8oz candles have a burn time of 35 hours+ and come in such a cute hexagonal jar and comes lovingly tied by string with a simple name tag giving it's information. The Lavender scent was simply stunning and very relaxing indeed. I found myself using this one after a stressful day with the boys and it put me at ease straight away. 

Mixed Berry
This candle was from the Candlepot range and is priced at £8.99. The scent from this candle reminded me of juice and every time I burn it, I feel hungry (Note: I have not tried to eat the candle...yet!) It has a burn time of a massive 55 hours+ and so far after using it quite a few times, I haven't even put a dent into it.  can imagine this one lasting me a while. 

Raspberry Puree
From the Cracklewick range, this candle is priced at £7.99. It has an added extra charm of being made with a wooden wick meaning you get a crackling sound whilst they burn. At first when I lit this one, there was quite a bit of smoke, I guess the wooden wick would cause that, but after a few times of burning the candle, the smoke seemed to calm down. The scent, raspberry puree, was again gorgeous and quite strong. I'm not usually a lover of strong candles but the sweet, rich scent of this one made it bearable. 

Overall, I am immensely impressed with the quality and price of each candle and love the scents which each have their own unique presence and you can tell that love and hard work has gone into making each one. 

You can purchase these candles with more varieties of scents from the Scented Jam Jar Companies website and can follow them on Facebook here.


Lindam Safety Toddler Bed Rail

Trying to find a bed suitable for Thomas has been hard work. He fidgets so much that when he was one year old we bought him a double bed just so he didn't get close to the edge. This didn't work though as he still rolled and fell out. 

Ever since then, he's been in a toddler bed. This is smaller than a single but has an edge rail to stop him from falling out. This has worked OK until now. He's getting bigger and his fidgeting is causing him to hit the sides of the toddler bed. So it's time for a single bed, like a big boy. 

I was thinking of putting a few cushions at the side in case he fell out. That's until I heard of Lindam's Safety Toddler Bed Rail.

The Lindam Safety Toddler Bedrail helps in making the transition from a cot to a bed easier as there is no  fear of falling out in the night. It has been designed to cushion your child as they sleep as it is padded and covered with fabric. It goes on the side of the bed and guards your child from falling out and because it has a mesh fabric, it means that a child can easily sleep right next to it with no suffocation risk.

Putting the bed rail together is quite difficult. Although I do love a bit of D.I.Y. I did have to ask Simon for a bit of help here as I didn't have the strength to push in the small metal buttons which connect the pieces together. Other than that, it wasn't hard at all and was up in no time.

The secure locking mechanism means that it wont move unless you want it to and the hinged folding design makes lifting the child out of bed and changing the bedding easy peasy.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the Lindam Bedrail. It means that Thomas can now sleep in his own single bed whilst giving me the peace of mind knowing he wont fall out.

You can purchase the Lindam Bedrail from various shops including Tesco and online from Amazon with an RRP of £24.99.

Lindam can be followed on Facebook and on Twitter.