LeapFrog Leapster GS

LeapFrog are a leading toy making company. Their innovative, technology-based toys are not only educational but also make learning fun. Most of their newest learning products connect to the Internet so you can personalise the toy to meet your child's requirements. 

The Leapster GS is the ultimate gaming system. It has all new features including motion-sensing play, a touch screen and stylus and a built-in camera. It comes with 3 apps included but you can easily get on-line to a library of over 300 games, eBooks and music. Not only that but you can also purchase extra cartridges for an even better gaming experience. 

Setting up the console really is easy as the instructions take you through it step by step. You basically put the disc into your computer, attach your console using the USB wire included and register your console. You will also be able to add your 3 app's here and set up your child's profile. 
LeapFrog Connect will then be added to your computer. From here you can purchase more apps and control your child's console settings. You can upload the photos and videos which have been taken on the Leapster GS straight to your computer from here too. 

The Leapster comes with 3 games included. they are:

Escape of the Sillies 
The game gets a touch harder as it goes along. You may have to only collect with sillies with a certain number on their tummy and then ones which add up to a correct amount. Be careful though because if you accidently touch a blue ball the screen will splat and if you run out of energy before it clears then it's game over.

Monkey Football
In this game you start off by trying to stop your opponent from getting the ball into your net whilst also trying to score yourself. Using the arrow keys to move your monkey, you can play this part quite easily. 

Thomas isn't really old enough to play the rest of this game as it's a lot of addition and mathematics which he's too young to understand at the minute but it will be great for when he gets older.
Pet Pad
This is definitely the favourite for Thomas. You get to choose you own pet and name, although Thomas keeps changing his. One minute it's a dragon, the next it's a monkey. You can do four different things in the pet pad. 

Feed your pet. You simply choose what food you want to feed him and then tap it onto the screen and your pet will gobble it up. To get more food simply plug the Leapster into a computer and you can download a daily allowance which is great as Thomas feeds his pet loads. 

Wash your pet. Giving your pet a bath is fun. Washing, soaping, brushing and rinsing to make sure he is clean and then giving him a blow dry. 

Playing with your pet. In this section your pet starts off in a sling shot. When the bar gets full you simply tap the screen and he will fly across the screen. Whilst he is flying you need to try to pop as many balloons as you can and hopefully your pet will reach the other side without falling into the water.

Spelling with your pet. This is the educational part of the game. Choosing which letter you want to try and whether it will be upper case or lower case, the Leapster will then show you how to write the letter in the simplest way. Once you have done it three times you will get a tick and be able to move onto another letter.

The Leapster GS also features a camera, video recorder and microphone. Take photos of whatever you like and then you can edit them afterwards putting drawings, pictures and even adding sounds to them. They can then be simply uploaded to your computer and you can share your child's creations on-line. 

We went to York Railway Museum last weekend so took it as an opportunity for Thomas to get some photos on the train. Very simple to use and the quality of the photos are great too. See below for a insight into some of the photos taken on the Leapster GS.

Now not only do you get all this but you can also purchase extra games, videos, music and more via cartridges which fit into the bottom of the Leapster GS or on-line by downloading them as apps via the App Centre which has over 300 downloads available. Whether your child is wanting something for fun or an educational toy, the Leapster GS is perfect for them.

The LeapFrog Leapster GS can be purchased from all good toy shops and various places on-line with an RRP of £64.99. You can follow LeapFrog on Facebook, on Twitter and on Google+ where they have updates on new cartridges and apps and write about any deals they have on them too. 


  1. Anonymous13:55

    Lucky Thomas getting to review such a fab product.
    I really love the idea of this, especially as they're for learning too.

  2. I like the sound of Pet Pad, think I would choose the dragon too !! Great idea to include the camera with it.

  3. I love the sound of this, so much better for younger children than letting them us an adult product like an ipad I think. My partners grandson may be interested in this I will have to show him this (partner not grandson lol).
    Angela x

  4. Looks great - we have an ipad which the kids use but the good thing about a kid-oriented console is that it's more robust if dropped and they can't accidentally buy things with in-app purchases !

  5. andrea dodd (lifewithliv)20:04

    Wow lucky Thomas! My neice has this and loves it!!

  6. We had an older model from Leapfrog a few years ago, my older boy loved it, alas, it was destroyed by hubby's colleague's kids who came for lunch and reaked havoc. Thinking of getting one for my little man

  7. I bought one of these for my daughter thanks to your review!

  8. Fun and educational ! May just purchase one for my daughter for her birthday :)

  9. Fabulous review, will take a look with Xmas in mind.

  10. Great review. I need to get one of these!

  11. I've heard a lot about these, I might get my son one for his birthday!

  12. My daughter loves hers - well worth the money!