AGE Design HiLo Highchair

The HiLo highchair has been created as a recyclable, eco product. Not only is it a highchair suitable for 6 months to 2 years but it also changes to a chair which is suitable for 2 years to 6 years so you don't need to buy a new product when your child grows as this grows with them.

The swivel feature of the HiLo highchair is the most appealing part of the design, it allows you to easily convert it from a  highchair with tray for an eating surface into a standard seat that tucks right in under the table. Just simply pull out the buttons which on either side and then push the seat forward till it's upright. This converts it from the Hi (baby chair) to the Lo (kids chair).

From a comfort point of view, the HiLo highchair delivers. It has a molded seat that is comfy for both baby and child, as well as a  harness that converts from a 5-point to a 3-point and connects to the crotch bar to provide maximum safety without making your baby or child uncomfortable. 

The highchair is great for parents too since it has wheels on the back legs. They provide easy movement around and  means no lifting of a heavy highchair. The tray is also super easy to clean with no crevices for food to get stuck down and has a lip on the edge to stop food from rolling off.

The HiLo Highchair is available in 7 great colours: black, raspberry, portobello, blueberry, carrot, chocolate and asparagus. The legs are made from solid birch and you can tell they are good quality wooden legs.

When I first opened the box, I thought it was going to be really hard to put it together. I assumed that because of the tilt function, there would be loads of extra little fiddly bits but actually I was pleasantly surprised. The instructions were step by step and super easy to do. A few screws to put it together, snap on a plastic cover to hide the screw fixtures and attach the cushion to the highchair, that's about it.

Both boys wanted to try it out right away and loved it. The moulded seat giving them a comfy place to sit and the tray, which can fit to both seats, giving them somewhere to hold their food, or for Thomas, he likes to use it as a desk and do drawings on it.

It is such a gorgeous modern piece of furniture, it may be a tad expensive at £269 but bear in mind that it can be used for years so you wont have to fork out more money as your children grow.

Each and every aspect has been designed with parents and children in mind making sure it's simple and practical yet comfortable.


  1. What a clever idea :)

  2. Anonymous14:36

    I love this, it saves you having to fork out the money for a new one when the kids sprout up! Fab idea and it looks really easy to assemble too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Andrea Dodd (lifewithliv)20:06

    What a simple yet affective idea! Great review

  4. How clever. Im sure emmy would love one

  5. I love the red one, but think it is so over priced. I know it lasts ages but if a child uses it from being a baby they definitely won't want to use a "baby chair" after they are about 4 or 5. It does look nice though.
    Angela x (UK bloggers group)


  6. such a nice and clever idea ..

  7. Looks great, good idea too, but bit pricey :(