YBike Extreme and Pewi

YBike have a set of balance bikes made especially for young children. All YBike products have been engineered with safety in mind and designed to help develop balance, co-ordination and self confidence in young kids.

Studies conducted at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa showed if kids ride on a YBike over a 2 week period they showed up to 700% improvement in some cases in various tests of their balance and co-ordination skills.

I first found YBike accidentally when I was browsing the Internet looking for a balance bike for Thomas. I noticed their designs were different to ordinary balance bikes and they had more funky colours and different sizes depending on the age of the child. I realised they had a Facebook page and so gave them a 'like'. I entered a competition on their page to win a YBike Pewi, never thinking I was gunna win but to my amazement, I did. From there I got conversing to the YBike Facebook page a lot. They share a lot of creative tips when it comes to playing and interacting with children so it's a great page to be on. 

The lovely people at YBike not only sent us the Pewi which I won but also agreed to let us review the Extreme. We got the Pewi in blue and the Extreme in orange.

The YBike Extreme is made for children 3 years plus and can take a weight of up to 25kg. When we first took it out of the box, I was amazed at how simple it is to put together. 6 screws and that's it. I did get a little flustered when it came to reading the instructions which actually did not happen as they were in a foreign language but to be honest, the pictures in the booklet showed everything which needed doing to put it together anyways. 

Thomas was so excited to have a go and straight away we went outside and he had a go. At first, as you'd imagine, he was a bit weary of trying to balance and so just sat on it and walked with it but after a few minutes he was off. Not quite both feet off the floor but still kinda scooting around and having a blast.

I actually do see how the YBike cane help with balance and motor skills as it made Thomas steady himself and try to centre the YBike before he was ready to go which is great as usually he would be on a bike which has stabilisers so they would be doing all the balancing for him. 

The YBike Pewi is recommended for children aged between 12 to 36 months, has a maximum weight load of 20kg and is classed as the baby bike. This bike and walking-buddy teaches important motor skills such as balance, co-ordination and body in space awareness. The specially designed swivel castor wheels ensure a quiet smooth ride that is suitable for indoor and outdoor play and the non marking rubber wheels will not damage or mark floors. 

The YBike Pewi can be used two ways. As a walking buddy when your child is just learning to walk, it will help stabilise them and give them something to grip onto as they are taking their first steps and then as an actual glider when they can control themselves more and learn to push themselves around on it.

Using both the Ybike Extreme and Pewi I have certainly noticed a difference in the boys. Charlie seems to be able to use the Pewi and glide around the room, even taking his feet off the floor letting the bike do the work in turn giving him more confidence. With Thomas, the Extreme has given him more balance. He is aware of his surroundings and the fact that the Extreme needs to be straight up and balanced before he can go. 

The Ybike range is vastly growing though, at the moment they have 4 products available in the UK. The Original YBike suitable for 2-4 years, the Extreme suitable for 3 years+, the Pewi suitable for 12-36 months and Glider, this is a scooter and is suitable for 2.5-8 years. Coming soon though they have the Kicker, the Trike and the Explorer, all of which I can imagine being as popular as the others. 

The Ybike range can be purchased from their website here. The Extreme retails at £59.99 and the Pewi retails at £34.99.


  1. wow i've never seen these before, was wondering what to get my 10 month old for upcoming birthday too and this may be a great idea x

  2. never seen these before they look great will have to look into them when I have kids :)

  3. I think these are a great invention. Encouraging little kids to be like bigger kids outdoors, fab idea!

  4. Anonymous15:32

    How odd looking. Great invention though and well done on winning one - thanks for sharing!

  5. Very odd looking, though I saw a scooter the other day that was even more weird - but the little boy riding it seemed to be enjoying himself and that is all that matters apart from safety!

  6. Loving the Blue one

  7. Your article was amazing