Munchkin Click Lock Cups

We are always on the lookout for new cups for the boys. It's hard sometimes as with Thomas been older he likes to use big boy cups but usually Charlie will end up tipping all the juice out so we are always looking for cups suitable for older children too. Plus the fact that some cups come with valves and fiddly bits that I get confused with and some bits even breaking after being washed as they are not very durable. 

The Munchkin Click Lock range has a few different varieties. From a small sized cups with a soft spout and handles to a big insulated cup with a straw. The Click Lock part I found quite interesting. It has, as you'd imagine from the name, a Click Lock opening and closing mechanism giving the bottle an 100% guaranteed spill proof seal.

We went for two, the 10oz Click Lock spill proof cup and the 9oz Click Lock Insulated flip straw cup. Both are bright and boldly coloured, the latter with a cute  design on it too. 

The first was the 10oz Click Lock spill proof cup for Charlie. He has never got on with bottles that have handles, he hates them so this one is great for him. Instead of handles, it goes in at the middle making it easy for him to grip. The soft spout is perfect for transition from bottle to cup, it's non spill and it holds 10oz of juice so is perfect for outings as it's a good size. 

The second we chose was the 9oz Click Lock Insulated flip straw cup for Thomas. This seemed like a perfect option. It has a straw instead of a spout so is suitable for older children. The straw can be tucked in and closed so as to make it non spill. This is great as it means I can put the bottle in my bag and not worry about leakages. 

I found both bottles simple to use, take apart and loved the Click Lock too and the boys enjoy using them too.

You can purchase Munchkin cups and bottles from Tesco, Asda, Argos, Boots, Morrisons, Mothercare, Kiddicare and many more places too.

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  1. Anonymous15:33

    Very cute, loving the colours! You would never lose them in a toy filled house would you :)

  2. Fab. I have been looking for a 'cup' without handles. Will give these a go :)