MAM Snack Box

One thing I get sick of is picking snacks up from the floor after Charlie has tipped his bowl up. It's a serious pet hate of mine. I mean with all these baby companies around surely one of them could invent something to stop a child from reaching into the bowl and throwing all their food onto the floor. Well now MAM have.

The MAM Snack Box is really exactly what the name suggests. A bowl to put snacks in but it has the added extra advantage of having 2 lids. The main 'big' lid which you use to fill up with snacks or when cleaning it and the 'small' lid which only has enough room for a baby to fit in their small hand in, which in turn, prevents spills. The small lid can also be attached to the base of the bowl to create a little handle for toddlers who are on the go.

I thought we would drop it in at the deep end for our first use and take it out with us on a day out. I like to keep snacks with us like orange segments or raisins but usually I would put them in a tub and when I opened it they would fly out all over the floor. Using the Snack Box was a lot easier, it has a small opening on the top which stops food from falling out and both Thomas and Charlie could fit their hands in easily to get something out.

I found the Snack Box super easy to use and even simpler to clean, no fiddly little bits and as with all MAM products, they are BPA free.

You can purchase the MAM Snack Box from their online shop for £5.99


  1. Anonymous16:41

    I like the sound of these.
    I'm a clean freak so it would save extra un-needed mess made by little ones.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great review thanks! MAM is such a reliable brand

  3. Oh what neat looking pots - they look like they might be useful whatever your age :) x