Dinosaur Train InterAction Figures

Thomas love the Dinosaur Train cartoon. Whenever it's on all I hear is him singing along with them, he loves the Dinosaurs A-Z song. Thomas is in fact obsessed with dinosaurs regularly asking me which one is which. I'm never too sure, with there being so many, as the Dinosaurs A-Z song show, so usually have to end up looking online to find out which can take ages.

When TOMY contacted me to ask if we would like to review their brand new Dinosaur Train InterAction Figures I couldn't reply quick enough with a big fat yes! Within 24 hours they were at our house and getting tried out by Thomas and me.

We received 6 characters, Buddy, Morris, Boris, Tiny, Tank and Ned. Each character has a range of sentences they say but the best bit is that they actually talk to each other. When you press the button on the top of one of them, that character will say something, another of the characters will then reply as if they are having a proper conversation. They will laugh together, roar together and if you leave them for a few minutes without playing with them, they will even snore.

The figures not only talk and interact but have moving parts too which make sounds. Some have moving mouths/jaws which make 'eating' sounds. Tiny has moving wings which make flapping sounds and Morris has a moving tail which makes whipping sounds. Boris, the biggest of them all, has an added extra feature. If you push his tail down towards the floor, his head raises up, his mouth opens and he lets out a massive 'ROAR!'

The thing I love most about these figures is that they teach children about dinosaurs through play. Explaining what each one is called, their weights, wing span, sizes and even their eating habits. Children Thomas's age obviously don't know the difference between herbivores, carnivores or piscivores so the toys make funny references to these such as, 'I'm a fishavore... I mean a piscivore' This is a great way to teach small children the differences between species and what type of food they eat. 

Each dinosaur has a wide range of different things to say, some of them being shown in the demonstration video below. Give it a quick view to see them in action. As you will notice in the video, they chat a lot to each other have roaring contests as well as explaining things about themselves.

I think brightly coloured toys always stand out to children and these are no exception. The bright oranges, vivid blues and colourful greens make them so pleasing on the eye. The quality of the dinosaurs is of a very high standard. Usually Thomas grabs dinosaurs by the tail and eventually the plastic wears down and cracks or snaps but the tail on the biggest of the dinosaurs Boris, for example, has been fitted with a rubber end meaning no matter how much Thomas waggles it around, it won't be snapping off. You can see that every effort has been made to ensuring a long safe toy life. Not only quality in the making of the dinosaurs but also in the details on them. They have been made so realistic and like you'd imagine a dinosaur to be. 

From what I have seen so far, the dinosaur toys seem totally safe for younger children to play with. No small parts, no pieces looking flimsy and the battery compartment is screwed shut so cannot be opened by a child.

If you have never heard the Dinosaurs A-Z song then here's your chance. The video just below is full length version of the song. It names a dinosaur for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet and has a catchy chorus throughout. Be warned though, this will get stuck in your head and you will end up singing it whilst out shopping in the supermarket like I do.

The Dinosaur Train InterAction figures will be available from all good retailers from February 2013 with more characters and playsets due out later this year.
The RRP are as follows:

  • Tiny £14.99 
  • Buddy £14.99 
  • Tank £19.99
  • Morris £19.99
  • Ned £19.99
  • Boris £29.99


  1. Anonymous16:36

    Now these are my kind of toys!
    I love that they interact, kind of like Furbies but WAY better. I love how they teach kids whilst their playing.
    Loving the video too, great way to show us what things they do.
    Thanks for sharing Yorkshire Mummy x

  2. These Look fantastic! Maxx is Dinosaur mad too!


  3. They look awesome :) If my kids were young again i know they would love them

    Ali :)

  4. Love the review! these look so cool & loads of fun! great to hear & see what they do so i know wither its worth the buy & these defo do thanks! x

  5. love the review it is great. Also loved seeing the video so i could see what they actually do so i know if they are a good buy or not from what i have seen they are fab :)

  6. My little ones are dinosaur mad so will definatley be getting some of these for Christmas