Colgate ProClinical A1500 Electric Toothbrush

I've always had problems with my teeth. When I was younger I suffered with calcium deficiency meaning that my baby teeth went bad. Nowadays I'm very self conscious about them, even when I smile I try to keep my mouth shut. Regularly cleaning my teeth, especially after greasy foods to the point where I would make them bleed. 

When I heard of Colgate's new electric toothbrush, the Proclinical A1500, I immediately wanted to try it. Apparently it automatically adjusts itself for different parts of your mouth. Was this really true? Could a toothbrush know what it was actually brushing and when to change? Was it really worth it's £169.99 price tag? Well I put it to the test.

Opening the box, you get all the usual things, the toothbrush, charger, one brush head and you also get a case to put it in, after all it is expensive so you would want to protect it.

Colgate say "Thanks to its unique smart sensors, the brush automatically adjusts to engage different speeds and cleaning actions based on the position it is held in your mouth.  The result is a superior clean for teeth and gums."

It has three speeds:
1. Mid speed massaging strokes for the gumline
2. Slower side to side strokes for the teeth surface
3. Fast up and down strokes for molars

The toothbrush features a sonic wave cleaning action that delivers up to 32,500 strokes per minute, effectively reducing five times more plaque along the gumline. It also has an auto or manual selection mode and an LED display which is clear and easy to read. 

A handy 2 minute timer lets you know when you've cleaned your teeth for the recommended amount of time but it also has a 30 second pacer. This goes in quarters and lets you know when it's time to move onto another part of your mouth. It cleans deep in between teeth and polishes teeth surfaces but most importantly it improves gum health.

Having used this toothbrush for a while now I can clearly see the difference between this and a manual toothbrush but not only that, my gum no longer bleed because I'm brushing them too much because the toothbrush lets me know once I've brushed enough. Not only that but the 'Deep Clean' option gives a very thorough clean and makes my mouth gleam.

The fact that I can select which mode I want if I'm concentrating on a certain part of my mouth is great too. We had fish and chips the other day and usually I'd be scrubbing at my teeth for ages to get the greasy feeling to go but this toothbrush did it with no problem at all.

I can honestly say that it has made a difference with my teeth cleaning routine and my gums are probably the healthiest they've ever been. I still think the £169.99 price tag is expensive for a toothbrush but for me personally, I would pay it because it gives me peace of mind that I don't need to clean my teeth every few hours and really does clean as good as Colgate says it does.


  1. Anonymous00:33

    Ahh you lucky pup! What a treat to review :)
    I'm glad it made a difference to you too, I should hope so too for the price :)
    Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. My fella bought one of these 18 months ago on recommendation from his Dentist. It was such a huge expensive thing to buy, but has already saved him 3 lots of cleaning and polishing, and his teeth are so much better. They really do work very well :)

  3. I've been trying the C600 version - apart from the wiggly bit, seems to do the same for £60 less. It's been brilliant, and I don't get bleeding gums any more either. Seems to stay charged for ages as well.

  4. This looks fab, and ur lucky to be able to review this :D i wish i could lol, it looks amazing!! yes i agree the price tag is not good, in this day and age people just don't have that amount of money to buy that.

    Having said that, i wish i could do more to protect my teeth, but i could never justify spending 170 on a tooth brush, that's a months shopping in my eyes

  5. After research for a new electric toothbrush I found that Colgate has smaller handle which making easier grip than other brands that have larger handle. So I decided to use Colgate and A1500 is one of my model choices.

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  7. The Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 is also a great designed electric toothbrush that seems quite expensive for a Toothbrush, but is actually friendly priced for what you get. The brush has oscillating, rotating and pulsating movements in order to clear plaque. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I had change my toothbrush when a doctor checked my teeth and suggested me for changing my toothbrush in every month

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