Colgate Children's Oral Care

For as long as I can remember I've always instilled into my boys how important it is to brush their teeth. I think all parents should do this, even when your children are babies, use a soft brush and gently rub your babies gums to get them used to it. 

I love the look of amazement n Charlie's face when he watches me brushing my teeth and then trying to copy afterwards by brushing his own. Ok, he's only 16 month old so can do them properly himself but its great to see that he is trying and is learning how to do them. It's the same with Thomas although he's been more of an excuses type. Always trying to think of ways to get out of it. Thomas has always found brushing his teeth a bit of a chore and so sometimes we have arguments and bribes just to get him to brush his teeth. 

This all changed though when Colgate sent us out a selection of their products suitable for children. Straight away Thomas was intrigued by the Design It battery powered toothbrush. I showed him how to switch it on (a simple click on/off button). At first he was very apprehensive, he didn't want to put it in his mouth so started by brushing his teeth with it switched off. After a bit he turned it on a found that it was in fact quite fun. Thomas actually liked using the toothbrush and over the next few days I noticed him actually wanting to go brush his teeth just so he could use his new toothbrush. 

The Design It toothbrush comes with a whole range of stickers so you can personalise it yourself. This is also great for young children as it means that they get to choose how it looks and have some control which in turns means they are more likely to use it. The only one thing about it is that most of the stickers are very dark or dull. Not really a big issue but when the toothbrush is already dark blue they do become a bit lost. I think it would benefit from some bold brightly coloured stickers which will stand out more but that is me just being picky. 

For Charlie we were sent a children's toothbrush called Smiles, ideal for small mouths. He was actually petrified of the electric toothbrush and won't go near it. His toothbrush has a small handle and a small head, the perfect size for him. The toothbrush has multi-height bristles which thoroughly clean teeth of all sizes. We were also sent a tube of children's toothpaste suitable for 0-3 years. Both boys like the flavour of the toothpaste. Most normal ones have a very strong, minty taste so having a children's one means it's mild yet still has all the cleaning ability. Colgate have created this range especially to look after children's precious  teeth. 

One thing that does play on my mind is, how do I know if their teeth are fully clean? Well Colgate now have a solution for this. They have brought out a pre-wash called Plax Magic. A blue mouth wash which children use before brushing their teeth. It tints the teeth and plax a bright blue colour which helps children to learn where they need to brush. You can then check you child's teeth to make sure that they have got everywhere. Any tooth not cleaned properly will still be blue so you can then make sure they learn to clean each tooth. 

I think Colgate children's products are great for promoting healthy teeth and they have though of ways to make brushing teeth fun with the stickers on your toothbrush and blue mouthwash. The biggest change I've noticed is the fact that Thomas actually likes brushing his teeth, which means Colgate are doing their job perfectly!

You can purchase all these Colgate products in most leading supermarkets.

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  1. sarah jane23:58

    ive never seen that mouthwash before. its such a good idea. Mmy kids wuld love brushing the colour off there teeth

  2. Anonymous15:37

    What a great idea. Love that the teeth are dyed until cleaned properly.
    Anything that makes kids WANT to brush their teeth must be a winner.

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