National Geographic Kids Explore Dinosaurs Book

Thomas loves dinosaurs that's for sure. He's forever asking for dinosaur programmes on or looking at pictures of all the different ones on my laptop.

Noticing that there are different types of dinosaurs Thomas always wants to know what their called. What do I tell him? I don't have a clue! Other than looking names up on the Internet which gets boring for Thomas I didn't really know how to explain about them to him. 

The National Geographic Explore Dinosaurs book is great for young children. Helping them learn all things dinosaur and making it fun too. Not only doe it have pictures and corresponding button which explained what each dinosaur is called, it also had different functions. Facts about them, what they eat and all sorts.

The book has 30 different dinosaur names and pictures. It also explains facts about each one, what they eat, the sounds/roars they make and even has a quiz part which asks you to identify a dinosaur by looking at their sizes, claws and listening to the book itself etc.

Thomas loves listening to the names and copying them whilst Charlie just likes hearing the dinosaur roars, giggling to himself every time it does it. 

This book is not only fun but educational too, Thomas has learnt loads about dinosaurs and even points out certain ones on the television now and will tell me their names, he may not always get them right but at least he's trying and that's a step in the right direction. 

For me, any product that makes learning fun is a great one indeed!

You can purchase this electronic book for only £19.99 and it comes from Inspiration Works. 

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  1. Anonymous23:08

    Looks very interesting. My son loves dinosaurs too and wuld love to learn about them

  2. Wow looks great my tongue hurts tryig to read lil dude all his dino names this might give me a break!

  3. Great review thanks!

  4. Anonymous03:42

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  6. Fantastic review! My boys are nuts about dinosaurs, so I know they'll love this :)