24 December 2012

Goldbug Chimp Harness Buddy

Having young children is hard work, especially the going out and walking around sensibly part. That never happens, never ever! Thomas used to run off and now Charlie is at the stage where he wants to walk making things a whole lot worse. Of course with him only being 17 month old, he doesn't understand instructions about safety. He wont walk at the side of us and will try to run and play as young children do. So when Hello Baby contacted us asking if we would like to review a Goldberg Harness Buddy we thought it was perfect timing.

Goldberg Harness Buddies are the fun way to keep children safe whilst out and about. 

There are 10 different animals you can choose between, they are a butterfly, cow, giraffe, lion, pig, puppy, pony, ivory puppy, tiger and the one which Thomas picked, a chimp. 
Thomas loves monkey's and chimps so chose this one straight away and I must admit that I thought this one was the cutest too.
It's comes with instructions on how to use on your child but to be honest it is really simple to use anyway. Just place the buddy like you would a backpack, making sure he is looking over your child's shoulder, fasten round your child's chest and adjust to fit and that's it. The safety strap is around 1.5m long and clicks to the bottom of the harness buddy, it has a comfortable grip and the product complies fully with British Standards. 

As you can see, it adjusts very well to fit both Thomas and Charlie and the straps on the boys are made from soft material so it is comfy for them to wear. 

Not only is the Harness Buddy a great safety product but it also has a pocket in the back of it. This could hold small toys, sweets or a refreshment for if your out and about on walks, your child has their own backpack but you still have your peace of mind know that they are wearing it.

You can purchase the Goldbug Chimp Harness Buddy from Hello Baby here you can also choose between the other 9 animals too. The Harness Buddies retail at £16.99 each.

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  1. I love the idea of these... My other half doesn't but I don't knows what it's gonna be like when Hayden starts walking LOL

    Great post hun... I'm your newest follower

    Lotte xo