18 December 2012

Get Ready For Valentines Day With Interflora

I love flowers, I think receiving them from my husband is so romantic and shows that he still longs to make me happy. That feeling when a van turns up and out comes a man with a bouquet of flowers, I feel like the most important woman in the World.

I must admit it's not easy for men though. They don't want to have to go to a flower shop and have to browse around different flowers and guess which we would prefer so going on-line to a reputable company like Interflora.co.uk is a great way to surprise their partner without even leaving the house.

If your looking to surprise someone with a romantic gesture then check out these great flowers for Valentine’s day at Interflora.co.uk

My favourite bouquet has to be the Florists Choice Hand-tied one (as in the photo). I love the personal touch with it being hand-tied and although the flowers can differ between each season I must say that the lilies in this bouquet are stunning and exactly the same as I had in my bouquet when getting married which brings back great memories. These are priced from £29.99 depending on the size of bouquet you require. 

I guess the hardest bit for men is actually getting on-line to buy the flowers. I know simon struggles to get on our computer without me seeing what he is doing or he will have Thomas round him asking if he can play games instead so now Interflora have brought out this great app. The app is easily downloaded onto your iPhone so you can purchase flowers whilst out and about, whilst at work, without your partner or loved one even knowing. 

Screenshots of the Interflora app in use
The app is simple to use and you can easily navigate your way through it using the options. You can have your flowers delivered with same-day delivery when ordering before 3pm Mon-Sat and it has secure checkout for all on-line purchases. 

Now, no matter where you are, you can browse and purchase gorgeous flowers which will certainly come in handy this Valentines Day when you need to secretly order for your wife, girlfriend or partner, Interflora have an app for that!

Disclaimer: Please note that I have received a payment for the writing of this post and the things in it but have given my own honest opinions, thoughts and the facts I have found about the website/products and/or app within this post. 


  1. No not valentines, i need to get my gf summat n neva new these ad an app cheers

  2. I dont have an iphone which is unfortunate as i cant use this application without one

  3. I love lilies, think I'll have to show my husband the app!

  4. Great app, Interflora do a wonderful service but sometimes a bit pricey.