21 December 2012

Christmas Reindeer Costume

Thomas loves dressing up in costumes whether it as a fireman, a pirate or a vampire, he loves it and gets so much in to character too. When I asked him what he wanted to dress up as for Christmas, Santa?, an Elf? But no, Thomas decided he wanted to be a reindeer. I got to thinking that this could be a challenge as I've never seen reindeer costumes around much. 

I then came across the Jokers Masquerade website after Direct2Mum posted that the fancy dress retailers were looking for bloggers to review their costumes. I got straight in touch, letting them know how much Thomas wanted to be a reindeer and was very nicely offered this cute reindeer costume to review.

Thomas was so excited to receive the reindeer fancy dress costume. So much so that as soon as he realised what it was he started stripping so he could wear it. We then had to go round to my parents house so he could show off to them his great new costume. He was so chuffed "look grandma, I'm gunna pull Santa's sleigh like other reindeer's" he boasted to my mum. 

The costume comes in 2 parts, the suit and then the head piece which fastens with velcro under the chin. Thomas is 3year old but very tall for his age and this reindeer costume in size 3-5 years fits perfectly for him so has a really good sizing.

Usually I find that Thomas gets uncomfortable in costumes as they are itchy or are full of tags but this one only has a little piece of velcro which fastens the back of it and the rest of it is made from felt making it extremely comfy to wear. 

I think the only downside was the fact that the antlers didn't stay up, they just flopped down. They need maybe a type of wiring inside to help them stay up (like a type of bra under wiring). Not only is the costume great quality but it's also great to see Thomas's face light up as he bounds around the room pretending to be a reindeer. 

You can purchase this reindeer costume here for only £8.49 or alternatively you can view all the children's Christmas fancy dress costumes here.

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