Christmas Celebrations at School!

This week has seen Thomas's School turned all festive. It was of course the last week of term so they've celebrated in style with a Christmas Gala, the Nativity and a Christmas party. 

Christmas Gala

A few week ago we had a letter home asking for us to donate toys or sweets for their gala. Each class was designated a certain colour and they had to bring things in of that colour. With Thomas being in nursery the colour was rainbow, basically meaning anything. I didn't mind as I was sorting through the boys toys anyway so got quite a few different things that they don't play with any more and took them up to Thomas's school.
The actual gala was great fun. Stalls with all the toys for sale. I told the boys they could have one toy each. Thomas picked a phone and Charlie wanted a donkey wheely toy. As all the money was for Charity they didn't charge much. Both toys only costing 50p but I chose to give £1 instead. 

There were tombolas. You had to pick 5 raffle tickets out of a box (costing £1) and see if any won a prize. I've never been lucky with raffles and we didn't win but it didn't matter as we were having fun. 
We hen got to go to the place we'd been waiting for. To see Santa!!! 

I thought £2.50 for both boys to see Santa and their photo taken wasn't too bad. Charlie looked a little scared but Thomas made sure Santa knew that he wanted 'a really really big giant robot' for Christmas. 
After popping into the hall to have a coffee and a bun, we got Thomas a balloon and some reindeer food to put out on Christmas Eve and went home all happy. 

The Nativity
With Thomas being so young, his class wasn't actually in the Nativity but instead sang a few songs before it started. With A Christmas twist on some classics, Row Row Row your boat was now Ride Ride Ride your camel, I'm a little teapot was now about a snowman etc. Me and Simon sat in amazement as Thomas joined in with all the singing and actions. It was so great to see as he used to be such a quiet shy boy. 

Years 1 and 2 also came out and sang some songs and Reception then did the Nativity play. It was so emotional realising that next year we'd be watching Thomas doing it. The children were great, remembering all their lines and all the songs too. Dressed up as kings, shepherds, animals and of course Mary and Joseph. It really was great to watch. Well done to each and every one of them!!!

Christmas Party
The last day of term was the Christmas parties. Each class had their own. We were asked to add ourselves to the list with what we could bring in for the party, whether it be sandwiches, sweets, juice, whatever really. We chose juice and whilst shopping I bought a bottle of Robinsons orange squash to take. We also decided to get creative so the day before the party me and Thomas made some buns. Just a basic sponge mixture but had a topping of chocolate and honey icing, a decorative pirate flag or boat and then rainbow drops which were to signify the pirate jewels. After trying a few (just to make sure they were ok of course) we boxed them up and took them into school. 

Dancing, pass the parcel, making Christmas hats and playing with balloons in between eating the party food, at the end singing us parents some more Christmas songs and then getting a visit from a very special guest. Can you guess who? Santa! He called each and every child out one by one and gave them a little present. Thomas was so amazed to see Santa and again made it clear that he wanted a giant robot. 

With Santa now back in his workshop getting the presents ready to deliver and Thomas excitedly waiting for him to drop off his presents, I can say that Castleton Primary have definitely made Christmas a whole lot more special!


  1. Christmas is so much fun when your a school child! I hope you all have the best Christmas and 2013 is a great oen for you x

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