I love shoes like every other woman I'm sure but the biggest problem I have is finding comfortable shoes. I have quite wide feet so usually it takes time to find shoes that accommodate that and the fact that for some reason my feet are really sensitive and rub on many materials causing cuts/blisters and pain. 

I would usually not opt for a flat type shoe as they are normally made from thick bulky type materials which like I've said above, irritate me so when I saw Cheekyshoes I couldn't wait to give them a try and see how they were. You see Cheekyshoes are not made from horribly thick material but from comfy stretchy materials that moves with the foot creating a smooth feeling against the foot and not rubbing at all. 

I love the band that goes across the top which helps to hold them on and looks pretty too. I often find that my shoes will come off at the back and I'd look like I'm wearing flip flops whereas the band on Cheekyshoes holds them snug again my feet so no flip flopping about. 

Cheekyshoes come in 6 bright colours Sumptuous Cerise, Tomastic Red, Zesty Green, Electric Blue, Luscious Lemon and Sparkling Orange. They are priced at £19.99 for a pair which is great value for such a comfortable pair of shoes. 

You can purchase Cheekyshoes from their website here.

Cheekyshoes can be followed on Facebook and on Twitter.


  1. these shoes look fab did u get them to review?

  2. Hiya Joanna, yeah I've received them to review from the company. They have great customer service too :-)

  3. Ohh I have a pair of those...The same purple colour too...hehehe
    I love them!! I would wear them all the time if it wasn't for all the rain...

  4. Lovely shoes. I would love to own a pair, they look very comfortable :)

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