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I like to buy Fairtrade products and Visionary Soap was one of the first companies to launch fairtrade beauty products supporting their producers and suppliers. All their products have been certified with international fairtrade standards. 
Their products don't contain synthetic dye or fragrances, alcohol or animal products, they are quite simply made from butters, vegetable oils, essential oils and botanicals. 

Visionary Soap kindly sent us a few of their products to try out and give our opinions on. We received:

Lemongrass bath melt
Using this in the bath was so relaxing. They seemed to ooze moisture into the bath and made my skin feel so soft. Each bath melt can be used twice and are extremely moisturising. 
The bath melt contains 37% fairtrade ingredients and the minimal requirement to be certified is a mere 5% so they are well above the recommended. 

Orange geranium hand & body balm
The sweet orange scent in this balm is so lovely. Used after the bath, it gives soft skin and with it being highly concentrated, a little bit will go a very long way. 
This product contains 99% fairtrade ingredients and even comes in a recyclable tin. 

Lemon lip balm
I suffer with very dry lips and so was delighted when I used this lip balm. Not only is it very fruity indeed, it is also made with olive oil and shea butter to give the lips a highly moisturised feeling and keeps them feeling hydrated for a long time.

Sample soaps including - Lavender, Lemongrass, Geranium Rose and Cinnamon Orange Clove.
These organic soaps are made using the traditional cold process method and have 60% Fairtrade ingredients in them when the requirement to actually be certified as Fairtrade is only 2% so they are hugely above what is needed.
The soaps are extremely good quality, as soon as they are opened the scent from them spreads across the room and gives off a very relaxing ambience.
Out of the four, my favourite is the Geranium Rose, it makes my skin extremely soft and the beautiful scent is just perfect for a nice hot relaxing bath.

So if you are looking for a company who look after all the employers, make great products and are organic, then look no further than The Visionary Soap Company.

You can buy all Visionary Soap's products from their website.

Visionary Soap can be followed on Facebook and on Twitter.

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  1. Hayley Todd09:33

    Thank you for this review - I am always on the look out for fairtrade and natural beauty products, so will be going on their website and putting in some orders x