Finding shoes for young children can be a challenge. We all want smart shoes that are comfortable but most brands seem to be either one or the other. SKEANIE shoes are the brain child of Natasha Barber, and Australian mum of 2. She wanted to create a soft soled shoe made from high quality leather that not only are stylish but are also eco-friendly as they are made from offcuts of leather.

Since SKEANIE launched not have they been highly rated by mums but by podiatrists and paediatricians too. SKEANIE shoes have been designed to protect and nurture little feet and all products are Fair Trade.

I first became aware of SKEANIE shoes from their Facebook page. Some of my mummy friends were already liker's of the page so I popped along to have a nosey. I was amazed at how beautiful some of the shoes were. 

The Infant range includes the gorgeous Mary Jane's and the oh so cute Sporty Sneakers both priced at £26.99, both beautifully designed and very comfortable for babies growing feet. The Infant range have soft suede soles that has perfect grip from crawling and walking babies. 

The Junior range has the classic Loafers, these can be bought in colours suitable for boys and girls, and the Boat shoes which are so smart and are both £34.99 per pair. The Junior range were specially made for walkers with their innovative flexible rubber sole. 

We chose the products that we thought would be suitable for the cold weather months, the Snug Infant booties and the Junior Riding boots. 

Infant Snug Booties - £36.99
The SKEANIE Snug booties are made from buttery soft leather and have a soft suede sole. 
They are elasticated along the top to help keep them on the feet and have a snug warm furry lining to keep babies feet warm in these cold months. The Infant Snug booties come in 2 colours, Navy and Chocolate.

Charlie is walking now and usually ends up in the kitchen finding pans to play with, the only problem being that we have solid tiled floors and usually he would wear only socks and would slip and hurt himself so we had to put a safety gate on the door to protect him. The soft suede on the base of the Snug booties is non-slip and it means that Charlie can now freely walk about without worrying about slipping over.

At the weekend we popped out for a meal, taking Charlie for a walk around the restaurant whilst we waited for our food, I was stopped by another mummy who was so fascinated with the booties. She couldn't believe that such a quality leather product was only priced at £36.99, I kindly gave her the SKEANIE website details and we were off on our way happy in the knowledge that another child was about to get their first pair of SKEANIE shoes.

Junior Riding Boots - £39.99
The SKEANIE Riding boots are made from eco-friendly leather and have the flexible rubber sole ensuring that children's feet are protected. 
I personally wouldn't usually buy my boys boots as they always look uncomfortable  bulky and heavy but these aren't any of those things. They are light weight, soft and very comfortable. 

I especially love the fact that they have a SKEANIE tag on both the front and back of the boots making it super easy to pull them on, even Thomas can do them on his own, the elasticated sides also help for this, this is great to promote his independence   

Thomas has worn these quite a few times now, even for Nursery and they still look brand new, the quality is fantastic. Many parents at the school gates have admired Thomas's boots and asked where they were purchased from, each time I've directed them to the SKEANIE website. 

Being a mummy who is obsessed with my children's comfort, I found these shoes perfect for little feet. Both pairs were easy to put on and both stayed on too.

I'm now just hoping that SKEANIE soon decide to sell sizes bigger than UK8 so we can buy the next sizes up for Thomas.

You can buy the whole SKEANIE range on their website, the Infant range here and the Junior range here.

SKEANIE can be followed on Facebook and on Twitter.


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    Very thorough review, i really like the riding boots oh and the loafers too

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  3. those shoes look amazing!x

  4. I love this brand - their shoes are quality and lasting!

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  6. Love these shoes, they look so snug!

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