Jewelfone Passion

I'm always listening to music on my phone but hate the ugly generic earphones you get with the phone. The plain style, no imagination at all. That's where Jewelfone come in.

Jewelfones are earphones with imagination, with sparkle, with style. The earphones for style-concious girls.

They are made from high quality earphone that can also be converted to a necklace giving you all the flexibility you need whilst on the go. 

I was lucky to be given a chance to review a pair of Jewelfones. I received the Passion style. Passion Jewelfones have small pink and silver pearls covering the wire with a gem encrusted heart shaped ear piece making it great for the romantics, full of passion. 
They have a magnetic clasp which attaches round the neck like a necklace which means no more earphones dangling from your pocket when not in use.

I find that the earphones are very good quality, perfect sound and somewhat better than the standard earphones that come with phones.

I use earphones quite a lot, whilst writing this blog I like to listen to a little music or just whilst I'm relaxing.

My niece saw them and now 'just has to have a pair' for Christmas. I'm sure she'll love them just as much as I do.