Aldi Children's Baking Set

Thomas loves baking so when Aldi asked if we wanted to review a baking set over the holidays we agreed. The set includes everything needed all in smaller sizes, perfect for children's small hands. Including, bowl, spoon, whisk, jug, sieve and much more, everything you'll need for making buns, cakes or biscuits.

We've tried making a few different things, buns, muffins and even cookies. We are trying to find a ginger biscuit recipe at the moment which is proving difficult. One that is child friendly and easy to do so that we can use the shape cutters. I'm sure we will use them in due course though.

The measuring spoons may be small but still have the perfect measurements making measuring out icing for the tops of buns easy to do. Even the small sieve means that Thomas can help with every part of baking now.

Thomas enjoyed the whisking and spooning out the mixture into bun cases, feeling part of every single bit of the baking meant that Thomas was involved and we bonded over making our favourite treats.

You can purchase the baking set in Aldi stores.
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  1. Anonymous23:11

    They look so cute and small bet my kiddys would like to bake with these will have to stop by aldi

  2. I bought one of those last year - it is still in good condition too and it has been used loads!