19 October 2012

Who fights the monster under your bed?

This is our entry into the Warren Evans Competition to win a new bed. 

I think when we're young we all have a protective teddy or toy. Whether it's big, small, fluffy or just down right weird, it protects us from the evil under the bed. 

Thomas sleeps with his gorilla. It was one of my toys from when I was a child but when he was about 10 month old, we were sorting all our things out to throw away, I found the gorilla and was gunna chuck it but then Thomas took it. He wouldn't give it back and would just sit cuddling it. 

He now keeps the gorilla on his bed, to keep away monsters. Many a night have I woke to hear growling and roars coming from Thomas's bedroom, popping in I would find him hanging over the edge of his bed thrusting Bagwell (I don't have a clue where his name came from lol) under to make the monsters run for their lives. 

He loves it and as long as it's protecting my boy, it can stay with him.


  1. Can only blog writers enter this? There beds look great quality

    1. Hiya, the link to their competition is at the top of this post for all info but yes you do need a blog to enter this competition unfortunately, sorry hunni xxx

  2. Aww your boy is so cute its nice to see that he has a animal to keep him safe and gorillas are scary so they will scare monsters away

  3. i had a stuffed doggy toy used to take it everywher loved it