1 October 2012

MAM Starter Cup

Trying to get Charlie to take a cup instead of a bottle has been quite hard. He always struggled to hold them and they would slip out of his hands as they were quite heavy. 
MAM have now created a starter cup that is great for babies learning to hold cups and drink for themselves. Instead of it being a full sized cup it is a smaller size meaning lighter weight and easier for a baby to hold. 
It has a soft spout so the transition from bottle to cup comes easier and it has an extra bit to convert to either free flow or spill free. 
The curve in the cup means that it is easy for Charlie to hold and fit his hands around it,the handles are also anti-slip and flexible, again to make it simple for babies to grip.

The cup comes in three colours, choose between either blue, pink or green and they all have a cute pattern on them.
I love the fact that the spout is soft as most trainer cups usually have a hard spout which can make it hard for babies to learn how to suck from them but this being soft meant that Charlie found it simple to use and easy to drink from. The cup is simple to put together and dismantle and very easy to clean.

At the moment we are using it with the spill free valve as Charlie likes crawling round the room with it, wiggling it about so this valve protects juice from leaking and marking floors.

It is now the only cup we use as Charlie can actually drink from it perfectly and seems to like it too which is a plus. He carries it around the room with him and wont let anyone else have it. 

You can buy the starter cup from MAM's online shop.

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