1 October 2012

In One Clothing Multiway Dress

I'm always struggling to find dresses that fit perfectly on my waist and on my bust, being a bigger busted woman does have it's downsides sometimes. Not to mention the fact that I always change my mind what type of dress I would like. Should it be strapless, one shouldered, sleeved or halter neck. If your like me and are fussy then the In One Clothing Multiway dress is perfect for you. 

The top part of the dress sits under your bust and then 2 long sashes which come of the front of it are placed in different positions to make up the varying styles. 14 styles to be exact!

The dress is made with a satin finish jersey material, the straps and skirt base having a raw edge to give it a floaty feel. This is great if your a bit childish like me as you can swish from side to side and the dress just floats around you and yes it is fun, you should give it a go.

I opted to receive a bandeau top with the dress which you wear underneath it thus giving you a bit extra coverage, again great for bigger busted women. With me having a large bust I have to wear a bra to prop it up and so the bandeau top hides the bra from being seen and ruining the look, as we've probably all been in that situation where the horizontal strap at the back of your bra is on show, very unsightly indeed.

To be quite frank about things, I love this dress! It covers all my lumpy bumpy bits and it covers my bust area for when I'm in a formal place. Using the different styles, it also accentuates my bust showing it off if I want to be more adventurous and showy offy.

When I first received the dress I imagined it being very hard to figure out just how to wear it in the different styles but it actually it's very simple, in fact I can change from one style to another in under a minute with ease. Here is the video from In One Clothing's website to show how easy it is to change styles:

In total there are 14 different styles but many more if you purchase the optional extra of a Multiway Ring. Loop the straps through the ring to make even more styles. Out of them all, my favourite style for the moment is V-neck plunge and I actually wore this style to a family wedding we went to.

The dress comes in black, navy, royal blue and purple. My favourite colour is purple especially plum colours like this dress is and it just so happens that all berry colours are in fashion this season so I guess it's a fashion 'must have'.

In One Clothing also do a Multiway Maxi Dress for if you don't want to show off your pins.

You can purchase this dress and accessories from the In One Clothing website here. At a price of only £89.00 I think it's a must have as you'll never need another style dress again.

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  1. Wow, this is fantastic, I want that dress :), it fit you well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have it too :) But there's way more than 8 styles! You can find loads of videos on Youtube, like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWpbBqTgbCg