30 October 2012

Gingerbread Pumpkins

During these school holidays we've wanted to keep Thomas entertained on a budget. Yes it's nice to take kids places but sometimes the lack of money can mean that staying in is the only option. So instead we decided to buy and do creative things. 
These are make your own pumpkin biscuits and can be bought from Morrisons. They come with:

  • 5 pumpkin gingerbread biscuits
  • Green icing tube
  • Orange smarties
  • Orange and green sprinkles

Basically it's just a design your own on them. Thomas had great fun squirting the icing on them and then sticking the smarties and sprinkles on.

We worked out that instead of trying to spread the sprinkles on, it was easier to just pour them on and then tip the remnants back into the pack.
They were very yummy and a great pre-Halloween treat.

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