1 October 2012

ClaireaBella Polo Jute Bag from Toxic Fox

Have you ever seen your favourite celebrity with one of those personalised jute bags and wondered where they were from? Well now you don't need to wonder any more. I give to you the fantastic Claireabella Polo Jute bag made exclusively for Toxic Fox. 
Launched at the Essex Fashion Show, each bag features and official Claireabella design tailored to your own specification, an elegant bow, a 'Hand Made with Love' silver charm, Swarovski Elements and plenty of sparkle. You get to have your own name wrote onto the bag and then can choose hair style and colour, dress colour, eye colour and skin tone to make your bag personal to you.

The amazing Claireabella tote bags have featured on The Only Way is Essex, Katie Price and All About Amy. They even have their own advertisement on television now, take a look:

Each bag is hand made with love and can take up to 15 days to produce although to be very honest, they are very much worth the wait. Having a bag unique to yourself, produced by a fully trained Claireabella certified artist does take time to make it perfect.

I love the cuteness of the polo jute bag. As a review item, mine came personalised with the ClaireaBella name which I in fact love but when you order you have the option of what you want wrote on it.
 It's just the right size to hold essentials, when a big bag isn't needed. It holds perfectly, my purse, phone and make-up... everything a girl needs!

You can purchase the Claireabella Polo Jute bag exclusively from Toxic Fox for £24.99

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  1. This is a Jute Bag at it's best craft designs. Thanks for posting this info on your blog.