27 October 2012

Autumn Play and Artwork

I love Autumn time. The leaves are falling off the trees and it's a great time to play, kicking the leaves and running around. On the way to nursery, Thomas is always running through the red and orange leaves, throwing them around and having fun. So much so the we decided to go on a leave collecting mission so we could create some great artwork. 

Taking Thomas on his bike so he could pedal himself instead of walking and Charlie was wrapped up warm in his pram. 

We walked around trying to find all different leaves, different sizes and varying colours, it's amazing how many there are around. We found a small woodland with loads of leaves all around, Thomas enjoyed throwing them around and playing in the trees.

It was so enjoyable playing about but then we got home to do our picture. Using a piece of black paper we started spreading glue out and sticking on the big leaves first. Trying to spread out the different colours and then adding smaller leaves and greenery we had found. 

The finished picture looks so good and although it wont last long until the leaves rot and have to be thrown, we know we can go collect more and do it all over again. For now we ave these great memories though!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Wow that is loads of fallen leaves, so lovely when they are lovely and crisp and not soggy from the rain. Loving the artwork too, I think there is a leaf of every shade in there. I am going to give this a go with my kids too. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  2. Great picture, we've been enjoying playing in the leaves but haven't done any artwork with them. We might have a go at your idea this week, it looks really effective and I'm sure my little boy would enjoy it.
    Popped over from Country Kids.

  3. We Love making art from leaves in this house :) x

  4. I agree there's lots of fallen leaves in those pictures. I was thinking of glueing ours to black paper too. Then maybe adding some glitter - viola fireworks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. So lovely, and 2 years ago. It would be nice to see another picture now x