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I'm sure everyone has heard of pH values. To be honest it confuses me a little when it comes to skincare. I never knew that our skin was slightly acidic and has a pH value of 5.5. The acidic pH value of the surface of the skin wards off pathogens that cause disease. Also the acidic pH value also stabilizes the skin's function as a barrier. Having a pH of 5.5 prevents water loss from the inside and penetration of pollutants or irritations from the outside. Changes in the pH value of the skin weakens the protective function of the acid mantle. This can cause skin infection, dehydration, skin irritations and allergies.

Unlike conventional soap products which can have a pH value of around 9-11, Sebamed has a pH value of 5.5 which protects the skin's natural balance. The company was founded in 1967 and is the World leader in medical skin care that is known and trusted in over 80 countries. It has been developed in cooperation and recommended by dermatologists and supported with clinical testing.

With both my boys having very sensitive skin which becomes dry easily it's important that I use pH balanced products on them so as to not make their skin worse. Sebamed kindly sent me their range of baby products to review which are:

Children's Shampoo
Ideal for cleansing and care of fine hair and delicate scalp of babies and children minimizing the risk of dryness or irritation.

Baby Bubble Bath
Soap-free formulation with the pH value of 5.5 supports the development of the baby's acid mantle and the moisture balance in the skin.

Baby Cleansing Bar
100% soap-free, mild body cleansing of the delicate baby skin, making it smooth and soft, minimizing the risk of dryness or irritation.

Baby Lotion 
The efficiently moisturising and emollient complex is rapidly absorbed for gentle protection to safeguard baby's delicate skin against dryness.

Baby Cream Extra-Soft 
Excellent protection of the skin against cold weather, prevention of nappy rash and stimulation of the healing process.

Baby Diaper Rash Cream 
Prevention and rapid relief of diaper dermatitis, protection against aggressive substances which could cause inflammation of baby's delicate skin.

Thomas and Charlie love playing in the bubbles from the bubble bath, there is a very generous amount of bubbles just from one little squirt which also smells really nice.

I usually have a fight on my hands to get Thomas to let me wash his hair but because the bottle is shaped so Thomas can hold it easily he enjoys pouring a bit onto his hand and then rubbing it onto his hair himself, I think he's going through the 'wanting to be independent' stage so this is great for him. The scent from the shampoo is so beautiful, not overpowering but also not too subtle that it wears off straight away. It actually stays around long after the bath and I could even smell it the next day when walking Thomas to nursery which was a pleasant surprise. The cleansing bar is also very sift and gentle and produces a lot of foam when rubbed through hands to make washing very easy.

Playing in the bubbles from the bubble bath       -     Getting rubbed down with the baby lotion
The baby lotion again has the same distinctive scent and is very mild on the skin, easy to rub in and makes the skin very smooth indeed. The cream is much thicker and I like to use this on knees and elbows. In the winter months I can see us using this a lot more to protect against the cold weather.
We luckily haven't had to use the diaper rash cream yet but I'm sure if it's as good as the other products in this range then it'll fight nappy rash no problem.

You can buy Sebamed from their own website, from Amazon and from a large range of Pharmacies (too many to mention).
You can like Sebamed on Facebook here.


  1. Anonymous21:51

    Thank you for all the info. I use the adult version of the soap and it's wonderful ... so calming on the skin, without the 'tight & dry' feeling after washing.

    I will have a look for the baby Sebamed range for my granddaughter. :)

    Sharon Charles/@shazchaz777

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