Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour

Baby Nose Clear is a range of products by 4 Little 1's specialising in relieving baby's colds by clearing a runny or blocked nose. Babies seem to get runny noses a lot and get blocked up meaning sleeping and feeding can become very difficult,a stressful time for both mummy and baby.
After reviewing the Vapour Ring by 4 Little 1's and seeing how fantastic it was, I was eager to try more of their products so when I was asked to review the Room Vapour I jumped at the chance.

The Room Vapour is 100% natural and the pure essential oils are gentle, they help decongest and relax baby to help get a restful nights sleep. 
It is blended with lemon, for its antibacterial properties and refreshing smell, tea tree, a known fighter of infection and is excellent for fever, coughs, colds and flu, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma, and pine, for restoring strength after illness. 
To use, simply add a few drops to a bowl of warm water and place in babies bedroom (out of reach) and let the vapours take hold of the room. Alternatively you can add a few drops onto a damp cloth and place over a warm radiator and again this warm air will allow the vapours to fill the room and ease cold symptoms.

With the oil being so gentle, you can also add a few drops to the Inhaler Dummy. 
I love the scent of the Room Vapour and sometimes just place a cloth over our bedroom radiator just so it smells nice too and I guess that will always help keep nasty colds away at the same time.

When we received this Thomas actually had a cold and Charlie was starting to show signs of getting one too so I took that opportunity to try it out. First of all I put a few drops into a bowl of warm water and placed it in Charlie's bedroom about an hour before I put him to bed so it could spread out across the room. With Thomas's room, I didn't use a bowl of water as he would end up tipping it out in the morning, so I got a damp cloth and poured a few drops of the Room Vapour on to it and then put the cloth on his radiator. Both boys slept a lot better and apart from Charlie waking for some milk, we had a peaceful nights sleep.

You can purchase the Room Vapour from 4little1's website and from Boots. 
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  1. great idea with the cloth, :)

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