Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor

I remember being a first time parent when I had Thomas and during the night would constantly wake to pop into his bedroom just to check he was breathing. The Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor detects all your babies movements and sounds, watching over your baby when you can't but back then I didn't know a monitor like this existed so every night, nearly every hour I would be checking on him which became very tiring. No we have Charlie it seems to have gotten worse as he sometimes just holds his breath for no reason so I'm constantly checking on him.

The Movement and Sound monitor comes in 3 parts, there is the:
  • Nursery Unit
Is a cute design, connects to the sensor unit and has a night light feature on the handle, great for checking on baby during the night or for helping sooth baby to sleep.

  • Sensor Mat
Monitors all babies movements even the slightest breathing movements. The alarm will sound if there has been no movement for 20 seconds to let mummy know. Sensitivity settings can be altered to suit.

  • Portable Rechargeable Parent Unit
The parent unit comes with its own holster for when it is charging or just to stand it in. When fully charged it can be portable for upto 8 hours. Volume level can be changed to suit and it even has a vibrate function and a temperature function monitoring the temperature in babies room.
It also has a 'hold' button, the sound and movement alarm is deactivated whilst this is pressed for if you need to feed or change baby and then repressed to turn the sound back on.

The monitors are quite easy to sort out at first, that is until it comes to setting what you want on and off then it can get a bit fiddly but the instructions explain everything step by step. You can set to have sound, tics, vibrating or a mix of the 3. You can also turn the volume up and down to suit your household and can do the same with the sensitivity of the sensor mat. Once sorted though it's very simple to use.
I love the reassurance of the sensor mat. With Charlie holding his breath sometimes this part of the monitor helps so much to help me get a nights sleep without worrying that I wont now if anything happens to him.

The monitor has no interference at all which is great as I've had monitors in the past that pick up neighbours radios which means I cannot hear my baby. It also has rechargeable batteries which means that it can be taken from its holster to used outside and will last for upto 8 hours if fully charged. The nursery monitor takes AA batteries so if you have a power cut the monitor will still be fully functional which is also great reassurance to myself.
The AC401 monitor has won quite a few awards including a Practical Parenting Best Buy, a Mother and Baby silver award from Best Baby Monitor and a Parenting Media award.
All in all, I love the simplicity of the monitor, the fact that you can change settings to suit what you want from it and I also love the fact that I can now at last get a nights sleep without worrying about my son.

The monitor is £99.99 from Angelcare  and can also be purchased from Amazon, Boots and Mothercare.
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  1. Cheeky Chez13:46

    These look great quality. Bet your stoaked to get some sleep now

  2. adam watson13:37

    my gf is pregnant and has been looking at monitors after reading this ill definatly be telling her abouts these cheers

  3. Have sent a link of your review to my sis who needs one!

  4. My sister bought one of these and says thanks!
    You should be on comission!

  5. Looks attractive and far more useful and effective than other monitors! Fab review, very informative :)