Silly Monkey Pillow Pet

Pillow Pets are the plush folding stuffed animals that combine the comfort of a pillow with the joyfulness of a plush pet.
Made of high quality, super soft chenille, Pillow Pets folding stuffed animals make the most precious snuggle friend for you or your loved one.

The concept of the Pillow Pet was thought of by a mum of 2, who was tired of picking up stuffed animals that had been thrown across the floor. It's an ideal sleep time partner, ' Pillow Pets plush folding stuffed animals are anything but just another stuffed animal'.

Pillow Pets have a handy strap underneath that converts them from a pillow into a pet that your child can play with and can keep company on long journeys.

If your Pillow Pets gets dirty all you need to do is simply put it inside a white pillowcase and wash on a cool gentle cycle in the washing machine. The use of the white pillowcase is to stop  your machine bashing up the fibres on your Pillow Pet and in turn increases it's life. Remember, do not tumble dry! Just leave it to air dry. 

They are also practical as I use them to put Thomas's pyjamas inside them, keeping his pyjamas warm and making sure I always know where they are.

Just seeing my sons faces when I opened the packaging was amazing, their little faces lit up as bright as the sun wanting to play with it straight away. We were sent the Silly Monkey Pillow Pet which both the boys love. Tugging at its ears, cuddling it and rolling around the floor with it, the fun that can be had is startling. 

Charlie loved sitting on it and squishing it down only to watch it plump back up when he got off it. The Pillow Pet itself is so soft and cuddly, even I gave it a little squeeze and it felt so plump and luscious
I've found it's the only thing that both my boys will share and cuddle together, it's such a nice feeling to see both sitting and watching TV or playing with the monkey and not fighting  who gets it.
If Thomas is getting tired he gets up onto the sofa and snuggles with it before going to bed and laying his head onto it nod off for the night.

Napping with Charlie or playing with Thomas in the garden, I'm sure the Pillow Pet is having just as much fun as my 2 boys are and I thank Mookie Toys for making the Original Pillow Pet!

You can buy the Pillow Pet for £14.99 from their website and can buy it in 14 different animals.
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Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor

I remember being a first time parent when I had Thomas and during the night would constantly wake to pop into his bedroom just to check he was breathing. The Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor detects all your babies movements and sounds, watching over your baby when you can't but back then I didn't know a monitor like this existed so every night, nearly every hour I would be checking on him which became very tiring. No we have Charlie it seems to have gotten worse as he sometimes just holds his breath for no reason so I'm constantly checking on him.

The Movement and Sound monitor comes in 3 parts, there is the:
  • Nursery Unit
Is a cute design, connects to the sensor unit and has a night light feature on the handle, great for checking on baby during the night or for helping sooth baby to sleep.

  • Sensor Mat
Monitors all babies movements even the slightest breathing movements. The alarm will sound if there has been no movement for 20 seconds to let mummy know. Sensitivity settings can be altered to suit.

  • Portable Rechargeable Parent Unit
The parent unit comes with its own holster for when it is charging or just to stand it in. When fully charged it can be portable for upto 8 hours. Volume level can be changed to suit and it even has a vibrate function and a temperature function monitoring the temperature in babies room.
It also has a 'hold' button, the sound and movement alarm is deactivated whilst this is pressed for if you need to feed or change baby and then repressed to turn the sound back on.

The monitors are quite easy to sort out at first, that is until it comes to setting what you want on and off then it can get a bit fiddly but the instructions explain everything step by step. You can set to have sound, tics, vibrating or a mix of the 3. You can also turn the volume up and down to suit your household and can do the same with the sensitivity of the sensor mat. Once sorted though it's very simple to use.
I love the reassurance of the sensor mat. With Charlie holding his breath sometimes this part of the monitor helps so much to help me get a nights sleep without worrying that I wont now if anything happens to him.

The monitor has no interference at all which is great as I've had monitors in the past that pick up neighbours radios which means I cannot hear my baby. It also has rechargeable batteries which means that it can be taken from its holster to used outside and will last for upto 8 hours if fully charged. The nursery monitor takes AA batteries so if you have a power cut the monitor will still be fully functional which is also great reassurance to myself.
The AC401 monitor has won quite a few awards including a Practical Parenting Best Buy, a Mother and Baby silver award from Best Baby Monitor and a Parenting Media award.
All in all, I love the simplicity of the monitor, the fact that you can change settings to suit what you want from it and I also love the fact that I can now at last get a nights sleep without worrying about my son.

The monitor is £99.99 from Angelcare  and can also be purchased from Amazon, Boots and Mothercare.
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Bblonde Powder Bleach and Cream Peroxide

As a child I had really light blonde hair, it was near enough white but as I've got older my hair has got darker and is now a mucky blonde colour which looks grey and I hate it. For about 10 years now I have dyed my hair lighter blonde which, although I have light hair anyway, is very hard. No matter which hair colour I chose it would go orange, then yellow and then too light. 

When Bblonde offered to send me out their products to try I jumped at the chance. Maybe for the first time in 10 years my hair would go the right colour first time. 
The box of powder bleach actually comes with 4 sachets. You only need to use one sachet per bottle of cream peroxide but if you have longer hair, like me, you'd be best to use 2 sachets with 2 bottles of cream peroxide. to cover the whole of your hair. It also comes with instructions on how to test your hair and skin before use and about how to apply it and how long to keep it on. 

The colour was actually very easy to spread onto my hair and socked in very well, almost immediately I could see my hair changing colour which I was surprised at as usually it takes a while for my hair to take to the dye. I left it on for 30 minutes but for darker hair it can be left for upto an hour. I washed it off thoroughly  and left it to dry naturally overnight. Waking up in the morning I couldn't believe the colour, a perfect blonde! Not orange, yellow or too light but perfect.

I'm so happy with how my hair looks and cannot believe that I've never tried Jerome Russell's Bblonde range before but from now on will be using it for perfect coloured hair.

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The Bblonde range can be purchased from Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons. 


Oliveira Lisboa Shoes

Oliveira shoes are a collection of beautiful shoes designed by Maria Oliveira. After a trip to Sri Lanka Maria was inspired to design her own shoe collection with exceptional quality but also combined with ethical work practices. The collection of  'toe post' shoes are all hand assembled in Sri Lanka before being shipped to the UK to be fully tested for safety and quality before sold.
There are many different styles in the range from sparkly Colombo's, cute Caparica's to the ever so sexy Lisboa's (pictured above). Even included are Olivellies which are a range of wellington boots.

Just opening them for the first time I could see the quality and care taken. Wrapped in layers of bubble wrap to protect them, they come in their own stylish bag and shoe box, neatly each shoe is individually wrapped. The shoe boxes have actually been specially designed made from clear plastic with and end opening draw so even if the pair you want are at the bottom of your pile you can see through the box to find them and can easily take them out without having to unstack all your boxes. You can even buy extra shoe boxes for £5.00 so you can keep all your shoe collection neat and tidy and easy to get to.

For me, I was looking for a pair of shoes that were sexy and stylish but also would be comfy as with me been a mummy it means that where ever I go I will end up chasing around my 2 little boys and so cannot wear silly skyscraper heels as I would break my neck. 
The Lisboa shoes are a gorgeous leopard print shoe that have a 3 3/4inch heel so not too high for me. The material feels soft yet durable and they have a comfy cushion sole.

I'm usually quite a shy woman but these shoes seems to ooze confidence and I love the new found sexiness they seemed to have given me. I'm not one to follow trends and these shoes are surely ones for people who dare to be different. 

You can buy the gorgeous Lisboa shoes online for £70.
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