Every woman loves shoes, whether they're flat, wedges, skyscraper or boots. For me, I've always struggled to buy shoes as I'm very fussy and only like particular one, usually priced way out of my range. That is until I came across SoYouShoes. They do fashionable shoes at a fraction of the cost of designer. 

First of all I have the gorgeous Glitter High Heel shoes, these are £35 but I was lucky enough to win them from SoYouShoes Facebook page. They always have giveaways over Facebook and Twitter.
Opening the shoes for the first time I was shocked at how high they were! 6inch heel and a 6cm platform. To be honest, if it wasn't for the platform then I would not be able to walk in them but having that 2 and half inch platform means they don't feel as high as they really are.
They are fully glittered court shoes in silver but also come in gold.

In the winter I needed some boots but don't like wearing flats so struggled to find snow boots that I liked with a wedge. SoYouShoes have a great range which include these Wedge Heeled Boots at only £22. They are a perfect fit and very comfy. The best bit is that they button up the side so I don't have to struggle to tuck my jeans into them.

Been a mummy means all our spare money goes on the kids at the moment so I cannot buy myself things as often as I would like to. If I had the money I would be buying a hell of a lot of shoes from their website as they have some great choices but my favourite of all are these Leopard print kitten heels. I love the fact that they are still stylish but not as high as the ones I have which means I could wear them more often. Hopefully one day I'll be able to get them as they are only £25, such a small price for their gorgeous shoes.


  1. lovely blog :)
    i have one myself hope you like it.
    feel free to enter my first competition too
    lots love Abby xxx


  2. Great Blog Thank you. Love the Glitter shoes in Gold. They are stunning : ) Might need to invest in a pair soon. : )