Plum Taste Adventures

Now Charlie is 10 month old I wanted to get more adventurous with his food but looking after 2 young ones all day and having a limited budget means I cant just get out the pots/ pans and woks whenever I feel like it. Plus, I doubt my cooking would taste anywhere near as nice as real Spanish Paella or chicken Tagine. I thought Charlie would be stuck on the same old jars/pouches of baby food but then Plum sent us their new Taste Adventures to review. There are four flavours of the new stage three (10 month+) pots which are:

Chickpea & chicken tagine
This dish consists of organic chicken with chickpeas, peppers, tomatoes and carrots mixed with garlic and cumin to give it that authentic Moroccan taste.

Aubergine and lamb moussaka
For a bit of Greek try this one which is very creamy and chunkier than the other pots. It has organic lamb, aubergine, sweet potato, tomato and red pepper.

Sweet cape curry with beef
Based on the South African dish Bobotie, this beef dish has delicious spices with onion, tomatoes, sweet potato and carrots but also sweetness from mango puree and raisins.

Mediterranean paella with salmon
Full of salmon for omega 3 and fish oils which aid brain development and also includes rice, red pepper, tomatoes and peas.

They come in a little reusable pot which I think is great, they are just the right size and means less washing up as I'm not transferring the contents to a bowl to feed Charlie.

One thing I have always been worried about was my kids being fussy like me. I believe that giving my kids a very varied diet will encourage them to try different flavours as they get older which is why I love these new dishes.
Charlie took very well to the new flavours, he actually loved them and emptied the bowl every time. They didn't even have the usual 'baby food' smell. The pots were very aromatic and actually smelt quite scrumptious and looked nicer than normal baby food. They were quite lumpy but just right for Charlie, the new textures will be fantastic in helping him getting used to chewing and getting ready for talking
He enjoyed trying the new pots and his definite favourite was the lamb moussaka which he would have happily eaten more of if he had the chance.

Plums Taste Adventures range is available from Ocado and Sainburys now and will be in Asda, Tesco and Boots during July and August. RRP £1.79 per pot.


  1. I'm a big fan of Plum baby products - I buy the fromage frais for myself aswell as my son haha, they're definitely the best of the baby food brands I reckon :)

  2. really must get round to trying these, they do sound nice flavour ranges

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