Make with Maisy craft book

Maisy loves to make and do and now so can you with this great book which has 18 activities from magic wax paintings to shoe box houses. All activities are easy to follow and fun making it something kids will love to do.

Thomas loves books and this one has amazing bright colours, fun pictures and wipe clean pages meaning just reading the book and looking at the pictures is fun but also if something is spilt on it the pages just need a quick wipe and will be good as new which is great for us as our craft sessions usually get messy.

The book has loads of pictures explaining how to do things and showing every step of the way which means Thomas can understand it without me having to read it to him. 
Thomas loved crafting with paper, food items, boxes and even feathers to make beautiful items, we even stuck on little extra bits to make it even more unique to him. Doing and trying out different activities meant we could spend some quality mummy-son time bonding and creating our own little things which was great and something we will be doing more often now we have this book.

Make with Maisy was written by the fantastic Lucy Cousins.

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  1. I love Maisy, and whilst my girls, now both teenagers, have outgrown the image, I used it on several occasions whilst teaching in key stage 1 . Simple ,likable images,easy to recognise and connect with, and the creative angle, gives family involvement, a nice, pleasent twist