Baby Nose Clear Vapour Ring

One of the worst parts of been a mum is seeing your child suffering with cold and not been able to do anything. Yes there's paracetamol and ibuprofen to stop the aches and pains but what about a blocked nose? There are vapour rubs you can get to help with this but unfortunately for us our skin doesn't react well and Thomas and Charlie both come out in a rash if I use vapour rub on them. So when I was asked to review a new Vapour Ring which fits around bottle teats I was intrigued.

Each pack includes 3 rings that come in resealable packets. They can be reused and each time put back into its packet to store. Depending on the length of the feeds each ring should last around 24 feeds, which means you get an average of 72 feeds per pack. They:-
  • help baby feed when their nose is blocked
  • are 100% natural, pure essential oil vapour
  • are a safe pre-metered dose
  • are mess free and easy to use
  • fit standard wide neck bottles
  • are BPA free
  • are usable from 3 months
The reason babies cry whilst feeding when they have a cold is due to the fact that having a blocked nose means they cannot breather through it to drink their bottle. The Vapour Ring helps clear your babies nose for easier feeding. It has a special menthol vapour to clear babies nose so they can feed easier.

I was actually lucky to receive this when I did as Charlie did in fact have a blocked nose so it was a perfect time to review it.
We use MAM bottles and the ring fits perfectly over the teat on the bottle. When using it you have to make sure that the part with the menthol is facing your babies nose so they are getting the full benefit.

Using the vapour ring for the first time I was surprised at how great it worked. Charlie, who usually when he has a cold cannot drink anything, gulped his full bottle with moaning and crying. It cleared his nose and even after his bottle I could see how much it had helped him as he was breathing a lot smoother and I couldn't hear his gruff chest. I am definitely using this every time he has a cold from now on as it's the only thing ever to work and actually let him be able to drink his bottle.

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