Cussons Mum & Me Baby

Mum & Me is a new range of products for all stages of pregnancy, bump care and baby care created by Cussons who have been taking care of hair and skin for over 100 years so they know what they are doing when it comes to bringing out new products. 
The whole range was designed by mums so Cussons could find out what we really wanted when it comes to products and then get their experts to develop this range based on 1,200 real mums thoughts and ideas.

The range comes in three stages:
  • Bump
This range includes a lot of camomile and lavender to help soon-to-be mummies relax and unwind. Stretch mark cream to boost skins elasticity and Cool and Relieve soothing spray includes peppermint for an instant cooling effect.
  • New Mum
This range is all about repairing after childbirth and quick fixes to stay looking good even when you don't feel it. Not only does it include a dry shampoo for when you don't have time to jump in the bath, it also has Stretch mark fader cream and Cleanse and Protect hand gel which kills 99.9% bacteria and is great for use after nappy changes.
  • Baby
The baby products are an ultra mild and hypoallergenic range. It includes all the baby products you'd expect but also has a Sleep Tight balm which is great for relaxing your baby before bed, as is the Sleep Tight massage oil.

Ultra Mild Head to Toe Wash

The one main thing I like about this head to toe wash is that fact that there's no changing needed, it's shampoo and body wash in one container so I can just keep it at the side of me and use without having to fiddle around grabbing other bottles. 
The scent is beautifully blended, the chamomile so relaxing but not overpowering, just a gentle aroma great for soothing Charlie before bed.  
A gentle formula that is kind to eyes and gentle on babies ever changing skin, it washes off easily and leaves Charlie's hair feeling soft and clean.
We have tried many shampoos and body washes die to the fact that we all have sensitive skin and luckily this one is great and causes no problems for Charlie's skin or mine for that matter which is great to know we can use such a great product not just for Charlie but for Thomas too.

Sleep Tight Balm
I always find that Charlie settles when I rub gently just behind his ears and now with this Sleep Time Balm I have something to use that will also help to sooth him to sleep at night time. Again as with the head to toe wash it contains chamomile which is known for its relaxing and calming fragrance. 
The best way to use this is by rubbing on the pulse points like the wrists, insides of elbows and behind the ears as it will help release the calming fragrance settling your baby before bed and it definitely worked with Charlie. I think the scent plus the massaging sensation calmed him and within 5 minutes he was asleep so calmly in his cot and for the first time since he was born he slept all night straight through.

The range is available to buy from Tesco, Boots and Sainsbury's.
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PJzoo.com Little Dino Pyjamas

Pjzoo.com are an online pyjama company who specialise in funky and original animal designed pyjamas for boys and girls. They come in two ranges, little kids 2-6 years and big kids 7-12 years and all have a cute animal design on them with coordinating colour schemes.
The collection is bright and funky but the focus of PJzoo.com is very much on quality and comfort and you can tell this once you feel the material used, 100% soft cotton which gives the pyjamas that luxury high standard every mum wants for their child.

They come in brightly coloured packaging lovingly wrapped with a fridge magnetic included. The pyjamas themselves are a soft cotton jersey short sleeved top and striped three-quarter length bottoms.
Thomas is an animal fanatic and loved the dinosaur print, in fact when I asked him which pair he wanted he pointed straight to this pair. You can also get the pyjamas with other animals on them such as penguins, turtles and zebra designs just to name a few.
For me personally, I loved the fact that they are three-quarter length. I always find that long pyjamas would rise up Thomas's legs whilst he was sleeping making him uncomfortable and shorts are a bit too cold for all weather use.
I must admit that in the past we have struggled to find pyjamas that are beautifully designed and are comfy for Thomas to wear over and over without losing their brightness. These are now in fact Thomas's favourite pair and I can imagine us buying a lot more pairs in the future.

Pyjamas can be bought from their website, little kids sizes are £18.00 and big kids are £20.00 and all include free UK delivery.


Family Day at the Park

We love going to the park and having a nice day so yesterday when my husbands brother asked if we wanted to go to the bigger park closer to him we jumped at the chance. We went to Armley Park, which is about 20 minutes away from us, it has a children's play area plus huge fields to play sports and have a run. It also has a river running down the back of it but we couldn't get to see it as there are 142 steps to get down to the river and we had the pram.

Thomas loves going to the park, playing on the swings, roundabout and his favourite, the slides but as you can see from the photo below Charlie did not enjoy himself. He'd got himself over tired by refusing to sleep before we set off so was a bit moody at the park.

A scorcher of a day meant we were all out. Simon's mum Annie, his brother Wayne and brother's fiancĂ©e Nina, nephew's Casey and Nathan and their dog, Diesel. 
Reaching for the trees on daddies shoulders was fun for Thomas, he did try playing football with his cousins but it was quite hard as they are older and bigger than him so would have to keep stopping to let Thomas have a kick but at least they let him join in.

Finally, we set off home with Simon's mum and as she was looking after Nathan, he came too. It was still hot outside so we got the pool out. I think Thomas loved having someone to play with, Charlie is still too young to play so Thomas usually ends up in the garden playing with me or Simon.

We kept Charlie inside where it was cool but opened the patio doors so the kids could come in and out as they pleased.

I think having enjoyable days out with family is great, getting to catch up with the ones we don't get to see often and letting Thomas get out and play.
Going to the park is one of the best ways to keep children entertained, it costs nothing but gives kids loads of things to do. Just take some sandwiches, drinks, a football and your sorted!


Mission to lose the mummy weight!

Now I've never been an oil painting but before having children I was decent. Weighing around 9 stone 6lb which wasn't bad for my 5ft 5in figure, I was a size 10. I have high hips which means it's very hard to find clothes to flatter me but I always managed to find something.
When I had Thomas my figure still wasn't bad, well apart from stretch marks, but after Charlie my body looks wrecked. Now I'm a very self-conscious person so wont be showing off my stomach any time soon but I still feel ugly when wearing clothes as now my stomach and legs just look big and horrible and my stomach is very saggy which makes me feel even worse.
The picture above is probably the worst photo of me ever taken. I didn't realise that I looked so bumpy and frumpy on my stomach until I saw this photo.

My lifestyle needs to change!

That's where Zaggora Flares come in. These are leggings that have been specially designed with Celu-lite technology fabric lining. The flares reach right down to your ankles and work by enhancing your bodies natural temperature. When your body is hotter you burn more calories and so this means that by wearing Zaggora Flares you could burn upto 26% more calories in one hour than when your not wearing them.
I have a pair in size medium which is a 12-14, the fit is great and they are very comfortable.

I guess I need to do some exercise as well though which is why we have bought a rowing machine and a exercise bike. Now when I have got some spare time, I'm gunna try and get in at least half an hour a day to wear my Zaggora Flares and exercise. The rowing machine has loads of different functions and can even be used like weights.
Then there's eating!
There are many times in between food that I start to feel peckish and would reach for crisps, biscuits, chocolate or anything unhealthy but if I want to lose weight I'm gunna have to stop buying these and go for healthier snacks such as Special K bars. Even though these are healthy, they are still chocolatey and very tasty so I know I wont miss having all the junk food.
I am changing chips for oven baked wedges, jacket potatoes or mash and white bread for brown. 

Hopefully I will be able to update my progress every week to see how my weight loss and toning up comes along. One day I WILL get back to a size 10!

Weight - 11 stone
BMI - 25.64
Indicating that I'm overweight.
Target weight - 9 stone 7 lb


Make with Maisy craft book

Maisy loves to make and do and now so can you with this great book which has 18 activities from magic wax paintings to shoe box houses. All activities are easy to follow and fun making it something kids will love to do.

Thomas loves books and this one has amazing bright colours, fun pictures and wipe clean pages meaning just reading the book and looking at the pictures is fun but also if something is spilt on it the pages just need a quick wipe and will be good as new which is great for us as our craft sessions usually get messy.

The book has loads of pictures explaining how to do things and showing every step of the way which means Thomas can understand it without me having to read it to him. 
Thomas loved crafting with paper, food items, boxes and even feathers to make beautiful items, we even stuck on little extra bits to make it even more unique to him. Doing and trying out different activities meant we could spend some quality mummy-son time bonding and creating our own little things which was great and something we will be doing more often now we have this book.

Make with Maisy was written by the fantastic Lucy Cousins.

Baby Nose Clear Vapour Ring

One of the worst parts of been a mum is seeing your child suffering with cold and not been able to do anything. Yes there's paracetamol and ibuprofen to stop the aches and pains but what about a blocked nose? There are vapour rubs you can get to help with this but unfortunately for us our skin doesn't react well and Thomas and Charlie both come out in a rash if I use vapour rub on them. So when I was asked to review a new Vapour Ring which fits around bottle teats I was intrigued.

Each pack includes 3 rings that come in resealable packets. They can be reused and each time put back into its packet to store. Depending on the length of the feeds each ring should last around 24 feeds, which means you get an average of 72 feeds per pack. They:-
  • help baby feed when their nose is blocked
  • are 100% natural, pure essential oil vapour
  • are a safe pre-metered dose
  • are mess free and easy to use
  • fit standard wide neck bottles
  • are BPA free
  • are usable from 3 months
The reason babies cry whilst feeding when they have a cold is due to the fact that having a blocked nose means they cannot breather through it to drink their bottle. The Vapour Ring helps clear your babies nose for easier feeding. It has a special menthol vapour to clear babies nose so they can feed easier.

I was actually lucky to receive this when I did as Charlie did in fact have a blocked nose so it was a perfect time to review it.
We use MAM bottles and the ring fits perfectly over the teat on the bottle. When using it you have to make sure that the part with the menthol is facing your babies nose so they are getting the full benefit.

Using the vapour ring for the first time I was surprised at how great it worked. Charlie, who usually when he has a cold cannot drink anything, gulped his full bottle with moaning and crying. It cleared his nose and even after his bottle I could see how much it had helped him as he was breathing a lot smoother and I couldn't hear his gruff chest. I am definitely using this every time he has a cold from now on as it's the only thing ever to work and actually let him be able to drink his bottle.



Every woman loves shoes, whether they're flat, wedges, skyscraper or boots. For me, I've always struggled to buy shoes as I'm very fussy and only like particular one, usually priced way out of my range. That is until I came across SoYouShoes. They do fashionable shoes at a fraction of the cost of designer. 

First of all I have the gorgeous Glitter High Heel shoes, these are £35 but I was lucky enough to win them from SoYouShoes Facebook page. They always have giveaways over Facebook and Twitter.
Opening the shoes for the first time I was shocked at how high they were! 6inch heel and a 6cm platform. To be honest, if it wasn't for the platform then I would not be able to walk in them but having that 2 and half inch platform means they don't feel as high as they really are.
They are fully glittered court shoes in silver but also come in gold.

In the winter I needed some boots but don't like wearing flats so struggled to find snow boots that I liked with a wedge. SoYouShoes have a great range which include these Wedge Heeled Boots at only £22. They are a perfect fit and very comfy. The best bit is that they button up the side so I don't have to struggle to tuck my jeans into them.

Been a mummy means all our spare money goes on the kids at the moment so I cannot buy myself things as often as I would like to. If I had the money I would be buying a hell of a lot of shoes from their website as they have some great choices but my favourite of all are these Leopard print kitten heels. I love the fact that they are still stylish but not as high as the ones I have which means I could wear them more often. Hopefully one day I'll be able to get them as they are only £25, such a small price for their gorgeous shoes.


Plum Taste Adventures

Now Charlie is 10 month old I wanted to get more adventurous with his food but looking after 2 young ones all day and having a limited budget means I cant just get out the pots/ pans and woks whenever I feel like it. Plus, I doubt my cooking would taste anywhere near as nice as real Spanish Paella or chicken Tagine. I thought Charlie would be stuck on the same old jars/pouches of baby food but then Plum sent us their new Taste Adventures to review. There are four flavours of the new stage three (10 month+) pots which are:

Chickpea & chicken tagine
This dish consists of organic chicken with chickpeas, peppers, tomatoes and carrots mixed with garlic and cumin to give it that authentic Moroccan taste.

Aubergine and lamb moussaka
For a bit of Greek try this one which is very creamy and chunkier than the other pots. It has organic lamb, aubergine, sweet potato, tomato and red pepper.

Sweet cape curry with beef
Based on the South African dish Bobotie, this beef dish has delicious spices with onion, tomatoes, sweet potato and carrots but also sweetness from mango puree and raisins.

Mediterranean paella with salmon
Full of salmon for omega 3 and fish oils which aid brain development and also includes rice, red pepper, tomatoes and peas.

They come in a little reusable pot which I think is great, they are just the right size and means less washing up as I'm not transferring the contents to a bowl to feed Charlie.

One thing I have always been worried about was my kids being fussy like me. I believe that giving my kids a very varied diet will encourage them to try different flavours as they get older which is why I love these new dishes.
Charlie took very well to the new flavours, he actually loved them and emptied the bowl every time. They didn't even have the usual 'baby food' smell. The pots were very aromatic and actually smelt quite scrumptious and looked nicer than normal baby food. They were quite lumpy but just right for Charlie, the new textures will be fantastic in helping him getting used to chewing and getting ready for talking
He enjoyed trying the new pots and his definite favourite was the lamb moussaka which he would have happily eaten more of if he had the chance.

Plums Taste Adventures range is available from Ocado and Sainburys now and will be in Asda, Tesco and Boots during July and August. RRP £1.79 per pot.