3 June 2012

Vital Basics 'Simply Everything You Need'

This set of baby weaning products is probably one of my favourites of all time. The full collection, everything you will ever need to get to feed your child until they move onto proper crockery.
The colours are a mixture of unisex colours so can be used for a boy or a girl.

In this set is 3 bowls, 3 plates, 3 food pots, 1 200ml cup and 6 spoons and all for an amazing £9.56 from Vital Baby.

With such a cheap price I was expecting them to look cheap and flimsy but not at all. They have pretty designs, innovative 'wings' on the bowls to help stop spillages and even the beaker has a flip up spout which means it will not leak when out and about.

Starting with Charlie, first of all I loved the wings on the bowl because every now and then he would grab it and these stopped it from easily tipping over. Also I found that these made it easier to hold the bowl sturdier. The spoons are small enough to fit into his small mouth yet still hold a fair bit of food.

Charlie loved using the beaker so he could actually be independent and drink on his own. The best part was that even though he was flicking it back and forth it did not leak a drop which is always a bonus when you have cream carpets!

The set comes with 3 plates which is great for us as Thomas uses these, they fit his dinner on perfectly or if we are having something in a bowl then they easily hold his accompaniment, on this occasion, his chips.
The 2 feeding pots always come in handy when making up portions of food for Charlie. They are the perfect size, I can just fill them up, pop their lid on and straight into the freezer for when I need them.

I would say overall, I loved the design and sizes of all the set and especially loved the price!


  1. I'm been thick! Is it the whole set for £9.56?

    Claire Braintree

    1. Yep, the whole set! Amazing value isnt it x